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Title Presentation Datesort ascending File
A retrospective and prospective examination of the 1960s U.S. Northeast Drought. December 17, 2021
Analysis of the Impact of Physics Representation on Permafrost Modeling December 15, 2021
Sensitivity of compound flooding potential to idealized large-scale tropical cyclone environments December 15, 2021
Understanding the Large-Scale Drivers of Precipitation in the Northeastern United States Via Linear Orthogonal Decomposition December 14, 2021
Large Scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Precipitation Events Over Northern California December 14, 2021
Complicating Resilience in a Global Arctic: Energy Infrastructures at a Precarious Juncture December 14, 2021
The Relationship Between Vertical Velocity and Extreme Precipitation December 14, 2021
A Risk Analysis Framework for Tropical Cyclones (RAFT) January 15, 2021
Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Modeling System: DHSVM-FVCOM-RIFT December 17, 2020
Land Use Change in the Continental United States under a Multisystem Dynamics Approach: Are There Tipping Points? December 11, 2020
Collaboration to better understand Arctic change December 09, 2020
Advances in the representation of suitability and protection in global land data systems. December 07, 2020
Integrated Coastal Modeling of Human and Earth System Processes in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Invited) December 09, 2019
Considering Coasts: Adapting Terrestrial Models to Characterize Coastal Habitats December 13, 2018
Investigating the Effects of CO2 Concentration and Human Intervention on the Water Cycle Using Integrated Earth System Model (iESM) December 12, 2018
Biospheric feedback effects in a synchronously coupled model of human and Earth systems December 15, 2017
Novel Methods to Explore Building Energy Sensitivity to Climate and Heat Waves Using PNNL's BEND Model December 15, 2017
Understanding Water-Energy-Ecology Nexus from an Integrated Earth-Human System Perspective (Invited) December 14, 2017
Quantifying the Importance of Model-to-Model Variability in Integrated Assessments of 21st Century Climate December 14, 2016
Evaluating the Need for Integrated Land Use and Land Cover Analysis for Robust Assessment of Carbon-Related Climate Adaptation December 13, 2016
Scale up the influence of aerosols on deep convection derived from GoAmazon/CHUVA measurement to Amazon basin December 16, 2015
Influences of Vegetation Phenological Shifts on Water and Energy Cycle December 15, 2015