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Title Presentation Datesort ascending File
A Risk Analysis Framework for Tropical Cyclones (RAFT) January 15, 2021
Skillful Prediction of U.K. Seasonal Energy Consumption Based on Climate Information January 12, 2021
Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Modeling System: DHSVM-FVCOM-RIFT December 17, 2020
Correcting the Double-ITCZ Bias Dials down Future Precipitation over Mediterranean Climate Regions in North Hemisphere December 16, 2020
Where Should We Paint the Roof White? December 16, 2020
Urban environmental changes and its implications in the coupled human-nature system December 16, 2020
Opening Up: The Benefits of Adopting Open Science Principles in a Large Multi-Institutional Modeling Project December 15, 2020
The Shifting Scales of Western US Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers Under Climate Change December 15, 2020
The Shifting Scales of Western US Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers Under Climate Change December 15, 2020
Local and Global Drivers of Irrigation Water Demand in California: Interacting Implications of Climate Change and Adaptation December 15, 2020
Projections of climate change impacts on crop yields are strongly sensitive to agro-hydrologic model parameterization December 15, 2020
Typologies of Actionable Climate Information and its Use December 14, 2020
Beyond Statistics: Providing Science-Based Guidance to Support Resilient Investment in an Uncertain Future I December 14, 2020
Event attribution frameworks for quantifying climate change impacts on hurricane rainfall December 14, 2020
Unique temporal patterns of future agricultural impacts – Changes in average yield and the volatility of regional production against global warming levels December 11, 2020
Properties of Change: Politics and Land Ownership in Northern Alaskan Social-Environmental Systems December 11, 2020
Uncertainties in Driving Agricultural Models with Downscaled and Bias-Corrected Climate Information December 11, 2020
Uncertainty in Energy-Water Climate Impacts: Review and Recommendations December 11, 2020
Identifying hotspots of multi-sector vulnerability: A risk triage framework December 11, 2020
A Consistent Framework for Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification in Coupled Human-Earth System Models December 11, 2020
Understanding how water scarcity vulnerabilities vary across multi-sectoral users within institutionally complex river basins December 11, 2020
Land Use Change in the Continental United States under a Multisystem Dynamics Approach: Are There Tipping Points? December 11, 2020
A New Typology for Representing Human Decision Making in MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) Models December 11, 2020
Mid-Century Temperature Shifts' Heterogeneous Impacts on the Demand for Electricity: Evidence from World Cities December 11, 2020
Flood Loss Risk and Its Drivers: Evidence from Massachusetts Residential Properties December 11, 2020
Exploring sea-level rise uncertainties using CMIP5/CMIP6 ensembles combined with a reduced complexity climate model (Hector-BRICK) December 11, 2020
Implications of Variable Decision-making and Social Networks for Regional LULCC Modeling December 11, 2020
Representing adaptive irrigation response to changing water availability and crop prices in a coupled human-water system model of the Continental United States. December 11, 2020
Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Electricity and Water Systems in the Western US with a Cross-Sectoral Energy-Water Nexus Modeling Approach December 10, 2020
Advances and gaps on propagating the impact of climate change on future water availability through the energy planning process: a Western US Case Study December 10, 2020