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Extreme floods in Peru during early 2017 December 13, 2019
An Analytical Framework for Water-Electricity Resilience Planning in the U.S. (Invited) December 13, 2019
Flood and heatwave in Japan 2018 and future increase of consecutive compound risk in a warmer world December 13, 2019
Climate uncertainty in agricultural modeling: the effects of downscaling and bias-correction December 13, 2019
How to train your model: Calibrating the simple climate model Hector December 13, 2019
Integrating Forest Policy and Management Practices into a Size-Structured Vegetation Model, FATES-CLM December 13, 2019
Stronger influence of growth rate than severity of drought stress on mortality of large ponderosa pines during the 2012-2015 California drought event December 13, 2019
Diagnosing Climate–Carbon Cycle Feedbacks Constrained by ILAMB December 13, 2019
Effects of Observational Dataset Choice on Multivariate Bias Correction December 13, 2019
A Multimodel Technique for Estimating Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation December 13, 2019
Climate-Water Impacts on Interconnection-Scale Electricity System Planning December 12, 2019
Compound Hyro-Climatic Extremes and Agricultural Crop Yields December 12, 2019
1993–2015 Climatology and changes of extreme precipitation events in Taiwan based on weather types December 12, 2019
An Exploration of Extreme Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States in Variable-Resolution CAM December 12, 2019
Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Patterns Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern United States December 12, 2019
The inherent costs and uncertainties of water scarcity in a changing world December 12, 2019
The making of a metric: Co-producing decision-relevant climate science for water management December 11, 2019
Evolution of Extreme Heat Risk in Cities: Interacting Implications of Climate Change, Population Dynamics, and Urban Heat Mitigation (Invited) December 11, 2019
A Framework to Delineate Precipitation-Runoff Regimes: Precipitation vs. Snowpack in the Western U.S. December 11, 2019
The boon and bane of natural water storage in mountains December 11, 2019
The Future of Snow: High Resolution Snow Projections for the Continental United States Under Lower and Higher Climate Forcing December 11, 2019
Predicting daily streamflow with a dilated convolutional neural network. December 11, 2019
Emulating Numeric Hydroclimate Models with Physics-Informed cGANs December 11, 2019
Empirical irrigated and rainfed crop responses to temperature and precipitation in U.S. counties. December 11, 2019
Implication of lowering fertilizer usage on energy, agriculture, and land systems December 11, 2019
Classifying the Complexity of Coupled Energy-Water-Land Systems in the United States December 11, 2019
Implications of bioenergy crop expansion on water availability and nitrogen loading over the conterminous United States December 10, 2019
Water, Energy, Health, and Heat: Multi-Sector Urban Tradeoffs in a Warming World December 10, 2019
Insights on Emulation Performance from Large Ensemble Experiments December 10, 2019
Achieving FAIR’s Data Reusability in Integrated Modeling Environments December 10, 2019