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Feedbacks Between Coupled Subglacial Hydrology and Glacier Dynamics May 13, 2014 Poster
Forced and Free 20th Century Changes in Atmospheric Circulation and Storminess Associated with Global Warming May 13, 2014
Fully Resolved Whole-Continent Antarctica Simulations using the BISICLES AMR Ice Sheet Model Coupled with the POP2x Ocean Model May 12, 2014 Poster
Fusion of Alternative Climate Models by Synchronization: Results with Realistic Models May 14, 2014 Poster
Global Simulations of Atmospheric Rivers and Extreme Precipitation Events May 13, 2014 Poster
Global Warming Changes and Parameter Sensitivity in Deep Convective Statistics in CESM May 14, 2014
Hierarchy of Models for Studying the Climatology and Strucutre of Tropical Storms May 14, 2014 Presentation
Historical and Future Learning About Climate Sensitivity May 12, 2014
Historical Evaluation of Hydrologic Components of CLM4: Surface Soil Moisture and Surface Runoff May 12, 2014 Poster
How Different is too Different? How Different is Different Enough? May 14, 2014
How the AMOC Affects Climate: The North Atlantic Versus an Interhemispheric Seesaw May 12, 2014 Poster
Ice Nucleation Parameterizations and Dust Effects on Clouds and Precipitation in WRF-CAM5 May 13, 2014 Poster
Identifying the Anthropogenic Footprints using both Observation and Coupled Climate Model May 12, 2014 Poster
Impact of Ice-Nucleation and Cloud Macrophysics Parameterizations on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Climate May 12, 2014
Impacts of a Mushy-Layer Thermodynamic Approach in Global Sea-Ice Simulations using the CICE Sea-Ice Model May 13, 2014
Impacts of Incorporating Root Hydraulic Redistribution on Global Evapotranspiration Predictions using CLM4.5 May 12, 2014 Poster
Impacts of Model Biases in Aerosol Distribution on Climate Simulation of the Western Pacific Warm Pool Region May 12, 2014
Implementation of Estuary-Shelf Freshwater Exchange Parameterizations in the Community Earth System Model May 12, 2014 Presentation
Implementation, Optimization, and Science Tests of Photolysis in CAM5 May 12, 2014 Poster
Implications of Constant Land Unit Boundaries for Land Use Projection in a Changing Climate May 12, 2014 Poster
Improving Land-Surface Modeling of Evapotranspiration Processes in Tropical Forests May 14, 2014 Poster
Improving Ocean-ice Interactions: A Dynamic-Thermodynamic Iceberg Model to Simulate High-Latitude Freshwater Forcing May 12, 2014 Poster, Poster
Including Albedo Effects in IAM Scenarios May 12, 2014 Presentation
Influence of Phosphorus Cycle Coupling on Biogeochemistry Feedbacks May 14, 2014
Investigating Soil Moisture Spatial Scaling using Reduced Order Models and Analysis of Fractal Temporal Evolution Patterns May 14, 2014 Presentation
Is AMOC More Predictable Than North Atlantic Heat Content? May 14, 2014 Poster
Is the Pacific Walker Circulation Changing in Response to Global Warming? May 13, 2014
Leveraging Emulators for Integrated Assessment Modeling of Climate Impacts May 12, 2014
Linking Marine Biogeochemistry and Primary Organic Marine Aerosol May 13, 2014 Poster
Local Fidelity and Remote Teleconnection Influences on Atmospheric Blocking in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) May 14, 2014 Poster