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Network Connectivity in Climate Simulations from the Recent Past to the Twenty-Third Century May 14, 2014
Multi-Year Simulation of Aerosol Indirect Effects using WRF-CAM5 with Improved Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Representations May 14, 2014
Multi-scale Modeling of Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Processes in Arctic Ecosystems May 14, 2014 Poster
Long Residence Times of Deep and Rapidly Decomposable Soil Organic Matter are Consistent with Aqueous Transport and Mineral Sorption May 14, 2014 Poster
Modeling Antarctic Sea Ice Halodynamics and the Role of Snow May 14, 2014 Poster
Including Albedo Effects in IAM Scenarios May 14, 2014 Presentation
Implementation of Estuary-Shelf Freshwater Exchange Parameterizations in the Community Earth System Model May 14, 2014 Presentation
Impact of Ice-Nucleation and Cloud Macrophysics Parameterizations on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Climate May 14, 2014
Identifying the Anthropogenic Footprints using both Observation and Coupled Climate Model May 14, 2014 Poster
Ice Nucleation Parameterizations and Dust Effects on Clouds and Precipitation in WRF-CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Historical and Future Learning About Climate Sensitivity May 14, 2014
Historical Evaluation of Hydrologic Components of CLM4: Surface Soil Moisture and Surface Runoff May 14, 2014 Poster
Exploring Spatial Distributions, Radiative Forcing and Source-receptor Relationships of Black Carbon in CAM5 May 14, 2014 Presentation
Exploring the Resolution Dependence of Aerosol, Cloud, and Aerosol-cloud Interactions in SD-CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Fully Resolved Whole-Continent Antarctica Simulations using the BISICLES AMR Ice Sheet Model Coupled with the POP2x Ocean Model May 14, 2014 Poster
Evaluating Amazonian Forest Response to Increased Disturbance: Lessons From a Gap Model for Future Model Improvement May 14, 2014 Poster
Evaluating CMIP Simulations of Historical Continental Climate using Koeppen Bioclimatic Metrics May 14, 2014 Poster
Evaluating Global Streamflow Simulations by a Physically-based Routing Model Coupled with the Community Land Model May 14, 2014 Presentation
Evaluation of Cloud Properties in Six SCMs at the SGP Site under Different Dynamical Regimes May 14, 2014 Poster
Evolution in Cloud Population Statistics of the MJO: From AMIE Field Observations to Global Cloud-Permitting Models May 14, 2014 Poster
Dynamic Biogenic Emissions for the Marine Background Aerosol May 14, 2014 Poster
Efficient Intersection of Distributed Meshes for use in the Community Earth System Model May 14, 2014 Poster
Enhancing Efficiency of the RRTMG Radiation Code with Graphics Processing Units in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model May 14, 2014 Poster
Developments in Multiscale Global Climate Modeling with Adaptive Mesh Refinement May 14, 2014 Poster
Diagnosing and Improving the Characteristics of Atmospheric Model Dynamical Cores via Idealized Test Cases May 14, 2014 Presentation
Diagnosing the Sensitivity of CAM5's MJO to Physical Parameters May 14, 2014 Poster
Diagnosis of High-Time-Frequency CMIP Output May 14, 2014 Poster
Diagnostics and Representation of Multi-scale Eddy-mean Flow Interactions in MPAS-O May 14, 2014
Development of the Albany/FELIX Land Ice Dycore using Software Components May 14, 2014
Development of Global 1 km Hybrid 3-D Hydrological Model and Associated Land Surface Data Sets for Regional and Global Climate Modeling May 14, 2014 Poster