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Title Presentation Datesort descending File
The Impact of Model Uncertainty on Seasonal Sea Ice Forecasts December 16, 2015
Simulation of Arctic climate with the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM): Sensitivity to atmospheric processes (Invited) December 16, 2015
Evapotranspiration and Drought Changes: Some Key Issues December 16, 2015 Oral, Invited
The Challenge of Clouds and Surface Energy Fluxes in the Coupled Arctic System December 16, 2015
Atmospheric Rivers and Heavy Precipitation From a Hierarchy of Climate Simulations December 16, 2015
A Global Sensitivity Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice to Parameter Uncertainty in the CICE v5.1 Sea Ice Model December 16, 2015
Modeling the Seasonal Ice Zone from the Air: use of repeat aerial hydrographic surveys to constrain a regional ice-ocean model in an area of rapidly evolving ice cover December 16, 2015
Modelling Sea Ice and Surface Wave Interactions in Polar Regions December 16, 2015
The Effects of Aerosols on the Summer Precipitation Over the Tibet Plateau December 16, 2015
Mixed-Phase Cloud Physics and Southern Ocean Cloud Feedback in Climate Models December 16, 2015
Arctic Marine Biogeochemistry in a Global Ice-Ocean Ecosystem Model: A Look at Seasonal Features and Spatial Patterns December 16, 2015
Observational Constraints on Mixed-Phase Clouds Imply Higher Climate Sensitivity December 16, 2015
Attribution of the Recent Winter Arctic warming and Sea-Ice Decline with Observation-based Data and Coupled Climate Model Simulations December 16, 2015
CAUSES: Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface December 17, 2015
Has the Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude Hydrological Cycle Responded to Twentieth Century Aerosol Forcing? December 17, 2015
On the Relationship between Column Water Vapor and Deep Convection during GOAmazon 2014-2015: A Comparison to the Tropical Western Pacific December 17, 2015
Can Large Scale Sea Ice Cover Changes Affect Precipitation Patterns over California? December 17, 2015
Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Climate and Air Quality in the CESM December 17, 2015
Changes in Extreme Warm and Cold Temperatures Associated with 20th Century Global Warming December 17, 2015
Diagnosing Possible Anthropogenic Contributions to Colorado Floods in September 2013 December 17, 2015
Modeling the Soil Moisture Response to Permafrost Thaw and Implications for the Permafrost-Carbon Feedback December 17, 2015
A Simplified, Data-Constrained Approach to Estimate the Permafrost Carbon-Climate Feedback: The PCN Incubation-Panarctic Thermal (PInc-PanTher) Scaling Approach December 17, 2015
Ocean Mediation of Tropospheric Response to Reflecting and Absorbing Aerosols December 17, 2015
Influence of the Freshwater Forcing Patway on the AMOC during 8.2K Event December 17, 2015
Increasing Rainfall in Central U.S. Driven by Changes in Mesoscale Convective Systems December 17, 2015
Impacts of Marine Ecodynamics on the Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) Production December 17, 2015
Constraints on Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity using a Reduced-Order Climate Model December 17, 2015
How Much Does Sea Spray Aerosol Organic Matter Impact Clouds and Radiation? Sensitivity Studies in the Community Atmosphere Model December 17, 2015
Constraining Processes Involved with Aerosol Effects on Cloud Radiative Forcing December 17, 2015 Oral, Invited
Mapping Vegetation Canopy Structure and Distribution for Great Smoky Mountains National Park Using LiDAR December 17, 2015