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Modeling storm tide and inundation in the Greater New York City during Hurricane Sandy (2012) December 14, 2018
How strong is the relationship between the large-scale environment and tropical cyclone climatology in climate models? December 14, 2018
Unifying land carbon cycle models December 14, 2018
Ecosystem memory alters the carbon cycle response to interannual climate variations December 14, 2018
Factors contributing to bias and variability of stratiform precipitation properties with various cloud microphysics schemes for an MC3E Squall Line Case December 14, 2018
Efficient Surrogate Modeling Methods to Advance Model-Data Integration December 14, 2018
Stationary Wave Mediated Remote Control of Amazonian Rainfall by Andean Latent Heating: Implications for Chronic Zonal Dipole Rainfall Biases in CMIP5 Simulations over South America December 14, 2018
A unified snow and sea ice radiative transfer algorithm in Earth System Models December 14, 2018
Challenges and Recent Progress in Understanding High Latitude Climate Change December 14, 2018
Impacts of spectrally resolved emissivity on the surface energy balance and state of Arctic sea ice December 14, 2018
Comparisons of different AMO indexes and their global impacts December 14, 2018
Heterogeneity in warm-season land-atmosphere coupling over the U.S. Southern Great Plains December 14, 2018
ClimateNet: bringing the power of Deep Learning to the climate community via open datasets and architectures December 14, 2018
Remote sensing and regression analysis of impacts from Hurricane Maria on forest of Puerto Rico December 14, 2018
Tree mortality and Extreme Rainfall in the Amazon December 14, 2018
Contribution of Tropical Forests to the Changes of Global Land Carbon Sink December 14, 2018
Assessing Climate Information in Use Context December 14, 2018
Spatial Discrepancies in Cloud Radiative Effects Between Large-scale Datasets and In-situ Measurements over Greenland December 14, 2018
Joint modeling of flood volume, duration and peak across the United States: Role of hydrogeomorphological drivers December 14, 2018
Observational constraints on wet and dry deposition of black carbon December 14, 2018
Amazon rainforest responses to elevated CO2 hinge on plant phosphorus use and acquisition: model-based hypotheses for the AmazonFACE experiment December 14, 2018
Pan-arctic flux of soil organic carbon to rivers by river bank erosion December 14, 2018
Development of a flexible modeling framework for representing soil-plant continuum in the E3SM global land model December 14, 2018
Assessing formation and radiative forcing of secondary organic aerosols in the global Earth System Model (E3SM) December 14, 2018
Investigating the impact of aerosol vertical distribution and above-cloud incidence on the aerosol direct effect using DOE's Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 14, 2018
Sea ice modulated convection processes in the Nordic Seas December 14, 2018
Quantifying the Arctic Local Radiative Feedbacks Based on Observed Short-term Climate Variations December 14, 2018
Study of Greenland subglacial hydrology at medium-high resolutions December 14, 2018
Evaluating Uncertainties in Marine Biogeochemical Models: Benchmarking Aerosol Precursors December 14, 2018
Asymmetry variabilities of mesoscale eddy activity alongside the Kuroshio Extension December 14, 2018