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Project: A Cooperative Agreement to Analyze variability, Change and Predictability in the Earth System (CATALYST)
Title Date
Enhanced Sea Level Extremes in Coastal Indonesia during 2010-2017: Roles of Anthropogenic Forcing and Decadal Climate Variability RGMA -
A Multi-Year Tropical Pacific Cooling Response to Recent Australian Wildfires in CESM2 RGMA -
Arctic Atmospheric Rivers and impacts on sea-ice: Past, Present, and Future. RGMA -
High Latitude Atmospheric Rivers: Teleconnections and Impacts RGMA -
Uncertainty in Atmospheric River Detection and Atmospheric River Induced Precipitation due to Reanalysis Selection RGMA -
Classification and Detection of Organized Convection using Deep Learning RGMA -
Impact of tropical cyclone winds on ENSO RGMA -
Emergence of multiple feedbacks in the extreme and persistent warmth over Siberia in 2020 RGMA -
Predictable and unpredictable sea level changes in observations and models RGMA -
Machine Learning-Based Detection of Weather Fronts and Associated Extreme Precipitation in Historical and Future Climates RGMA -
Land Initializations Contribute Most to the Sub-seasonal Soil Moisture Forecast Skill in the Agricultural Regions of the United States RGMA -
Subseasonal predictability from atmospheric, land, and ocean initial states RGMA -
Attribution of North American Subseasonal Precipitation Prediction Skill RGMA -
Uncertainty in projecting regional sea level change due to the internal climate variability RGMA -
Future sea level rise uncertainty: what impacts on coastal areas ? RGMA -
Diminishing Winter Sea Ice in the Pacific Arctic Promotes Extreme Cyclones RGMA -
Defying Chaos Theory: Using Machine Learning to Extend Earth System Prediction RGMA -
Captured QBO-MJO Connection in a Subseasonal Prediction System RGMA -
Subseasonal Tropical Cyclone Prediction and Modulations by MJO and ENSO in CESM2 RGMA -
Machine Learning-Based Feature Detection to Associate Precipitation Extremes with Synoptic Weather Events RGMA
Flavors of Antarctic atmospheric rivers and the modes of variability that matter RGMA
A machine learning approach to quantify land model parameter uncertainty RGMA
Insights on Emulation Performance from Large Ensemble Experiments RGMA MSD
Leveraging CFMIP experiments to evaluate clouds in CESM2 RGMA
Tropical Decadal Variability and the Rate of Arctic Sea Ice Retreat RGMA
Sudden Recent Antarctic Sea Ice Retreat, Connections to the Tropics, and Upper Ocean Regime Change Around Antarctica RGMA
Precipitation variability increases in a warmer climate RGMA
Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP): Science Goals and Preliminary Analysis (Invited) RGMA
Understanding the Role of Air-Sea Interaction on Extreme Rainfall in Aquaplanet and Earth-like CESM2 RGMA
Making decisions based on an imperfect ensemble of climate simulators: strategies and future directions RGMA

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