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A Large Eddy Simulation Library of Liquid Clouds to Enable Aerosol-Cloud-Turbulence Interaction Studies ESMD -
Toward credible predictions of aerosol-cloud interactions in Earth system models ESMD -
Evaluation of Simulated High Latitude Mixed-Phase Clouds in E3SMv2 Using CALIPSO and ARM Observations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres ESMD -
3.5 Inches per Hour: Non Stationary Extreme Precipitation Probabilities Under a Changing Climate in New York City ESMD RGMA -
Icosahedral Snyder Equal Area DGGs-based Flow Routing Datasets for the Amazon Basin ESMD -
Quantifying Contribution of Agricultural Soil Dust to Global INP Concentrations and Its Climate Effect (Invited Presentation) ESMD -
Evaluation of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Kilometer-Scale E3SM ESMD -
ARM Ground-Based Cloud Simulators and Their Applications to E3SM ESMD -
Impact of New Particle Formation on the Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing Estimate in E3SM ESMD -
A Neural Network Aerosol Optics Emulator for E3SM ESMD -
Quantifying the Range of the Dust Direct Radiative Effect Due to Source Mineralogy Uncertainty ESMD RGMA -
Isolating impacts of Urbanization and Lake Michigan on Chicago’s Climate and Heat Stress Disparities ESMD RGMA -
Understanding Wind-Wave-Current Coupling on Hurricane Intensity and Coastal Impacts ESMD RGMA MSD -
ENSO teleconnections to US winter precipitation extremes in DOE’s E3SM’s Multiscale Modeling Framework Configuration ESMD -
Evaluating DOE's Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) for Renewable Wind and Solar Energy Production ESMD -
On the linkages between one- and two-stage hydrologic partitioning frameworks ESMD -
Impacts of Urbanization on Flood Behavior across the Mid-Atlantic Region ESMD -
MOSART-DOC: a New Large-scale Riverine Dissolved Organic Carbon Model and Its Application over the United States ESMD -
MOSART-DOC: a New Large-scale Riverine Dissolved Organic Carbon Model and Its Application over the United States ESMD -
Representation of mangrove hydrology and ecosystem functions to improve biogeochemical modeling of coastal regions in a land surface model ESMD -
Better representation of cloud and subgrid processes leads to a significant improvement in climate model fidelity ESMD RGMA -
Modeling Coastal Blue Carbon Sequestration in Northern Gulf Coast Marsh Migrations ESMD -
Gravitational and solid-Earth deformation response to ocean dynamic loading amplifies local sea-level change ESMD -
Two Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns are Associated with Short-Duration Dry Spells in the Northeastern United States ESMD RGMA MSD -
Ice nucleation representation and its impact on the anthropogenic aerosol forcing in E3SM ESMD -
Reduced black carbon contamination mitigates future snowpack loss over the Northern Hemisphere ESMD RGMA -
Simulating tide-driven wetland soil redox and biogeochemical interactions in a land surface model ESMD -
Droplet collection efficiencies estimated from satellite retrievals constrain effective radiative forcing of aerosol-cloud interactions ESMD -
Decomposing Antarctic Sub-shelf Melt Variability using Generalized Clustering with Kernel Embeddings ESMD -
Regime-based Analysis of Cloud Properties at the North Slope of Alaska using Surface Observations, Reanalysis, and E3SM ESMD -

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