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Arctic Sea Ice Loss and Near-Surface Wind Speed Changes Related to Surface Roughness with the Community Earth System Model RGMA -
Antarctic Atmospheric River Response to Modes of Variability in Future Climates RGMA -
Bjerknes Compensation in a Changing Climate RGMA -
Increasing Importance of Poleward Moisture Transport and Rainfall Sourced from North America for Arctic Sea Ice Loss RGMA -
Identifying the Cross-Season Mechanisms of Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Interaction Driving the Progressive Aridification of the American Southwest RGMA -
Synchronization of the Recent East African Long Rains Decline and Northwestern Asian Warming RGMA -
How Well Do Atmospheric Models Represent the Arctic Boundary Layer?A Multi-Model Evaluation of Arctic Boundary Layer Simulations Using Observations From MOSAiC RGMA -
QBO’s Modulation of the Global Atmospheric River Activities RGMA -
Representation and Predictability of Stratospheric Wave Reflection Events in Subseasonal Forecast Models RGMA -
A High Resolution Tropical Mesoscale Convective System Reanalysis (TMeCSR; “tea-mixer”) RGMA -
Analyzing Atmospheric River Reforecasts: Error Patterns and Synoptic-Scale Settings RGMA -
Emergent Relationship Between Extreme Precipitation and Temperature: E3SM Performance and the Impact of Spatial Resolution. RGMA -
Mountains influence future changes in precipitation flashiness across the western US RGMA -
3.5 Inches per Hour: Non Stationary Extreme Precipitation Probabilities Under a Changing Climate in New York City ESMD RGMA -
Aerosols in Earth System Modeling: Developments, Challenges, and Impacts on Radiation-Clouds-Climate (Core Science Keynote) RGMA -
Diverse Impacts of Global Warming on Derechos in the United States RGMA -
Soil-based Flash Drought Identification and Prediction RGMA -
Why Record-Breaking Extreme Precipitation events tend to occur over Land than Ocean under Global Warming? RGMA -
The Physical Sciences Update in the Fifth National Climate Assessment RGMA -
Identifying Tropical State-Dependent Biases Relevant to Midlatitude Subseasonal Predictability with Explainable Neural Networks RGMA -
An Earth-System-Oriented View of the S2S Predictability of Weather Regimes RGMA -
Diagnosing Mid-Atlantic Icing Events and their Projected Changes in Earth System Models using Self-Organizing Maps RGMA -
Coastal Flooding in a Changing Climate and Rising Seas: Takes More Than a Village to Meet the Grand Challenge (Core Science Keynote) RGMA -
Tropical Cyclone Asymmetry and Wind Shear Interactions Under Global Warming in a Variable-Resolution Climate Model RGMA MSD -
Sea Surface Salinity Provides Subseasonal Predictability for Forecasts of Opportunity of U.S. Summertime Precipitation RGMA -
When Machine Learning Objectives Compete for Improved Subseasonal Bias Correction, Who Wins? RGMA -
Near-Term Tropical Cyclone Risk and Coupled Earth System Model Biases (Invited Presentation) RGMA -
Influence of Local Water Vapor Analysis Uncertainty on Ensemble Forecasts of Tropical Cyclogenesis Initialized via All-Sky Infrared and Microwave Radiance-based Data Assimilation RGMA -
The El Niño-Southern Oscillation Modulation of Tropical Cyclones in CMIP6 Models RGMA -
Workshop on Atmospheric and Urban Digital Twins RGMA -

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