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Project: Reducing Uncertainty in Biogeochemical Interactions through Synthesis and Computation (RUBISCO) Scientific Focus Area (SFA)
Title Date
Global variation in ecosystem carbon use efficiency derived from eddy covariance observations RGMA
Looking under the hood: benchmarking soil organic matter pool distributions at the global-scale RGMA
Metrics, Measurements, and Methods for Advancing Ecosystem Model Evaluation RGMA
The Role of Terrestrial Phosphorus Limitation in Carbon Cycle-Climate Feedbacks RGMA
Spatial distribution of C3 and C4 vegetation from 2000 to 2019 in the contiguous U.S. RGMA
Monthly estimates of global freshwater wetland methane emissions for 2001-2018 from upscaled eddy covariance fluxes RGMA
Multi-model ensemble does not fill the gaps in sparse wetland methane observations RGMA
Functional-type modeling approach and data-driven parameterization of methane emissions in wetlands RGMA
Representing Explicit Microbial and Plant Process in Wetland Biogeochemical Models RGMA
Separation of Deforestation, CO2 Physiology, and Radiative Contributions to Future Drought Stress in the Amazon RGMA
Evidence for the importance of dispersal and fire on Arctic shrub expansion RGMA
Global Carbon and other Biogeochemical Cycles and Feedbacks RGMA
A unified functional relationship between catchment water balance and vegetation productivity ESMD
CO2 fertilization effect on photosynthesis inferred from observations using optimization theories RGMA
Tropical forest vulnerability to ENSO induced extremes in a changing climate RGMA
The Historic Effect of CO2 on Global Photosynthesis RGMA
Midwest US croplands determine model divergence in North American carbon fluxes RGMA
The carbon cost of maintaining ecosystem carbon sinks and its climate and soil dependence RGMA
Quantifying the carbon budget of the U.S. Midwestern agroecosystems through model-data fusion RGMA
Towards a multiscale crop modelling framework for climate change adaptation assessment RGMA
Impacts of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Co-limitation on Global Carbon Cycling ESMD RGMA -
The CO2 effect on evapotranspiration trends as inferred by eddy covariance observations RGMA
Understanding the Patterns and Drivers of Arctic Tundra Plant Communities RGMA
Soil moisture-atmosphere feedbacks mitigate projected surface water availability declines in drylands RGMA
Exacerbated drought impacts on global ecosystems due to structural overshoot RGMA
Land Model Testbed: Accelerating Development, Benchmarking and Analysis of Land Surface Models RGMA
Simulated and Observed Spatiotemporal Variations of Warming Caused Earlier Snow Melting in Northern High-Latitude Regions ESMD RGMA
Short-term water-carbon interactions regulate interannual variability in ecosystem responses to changing climates RGMA
Upscaling FLUXNET-CH4: Data-driven model performance, predictors, and regional to global methane emission estimates for freshwater wetlands RGMA
Collaboration to better understand Arctic change ESMD RGMA MSD

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