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Project: PCMDI – An Earth System Model Evaluation Project
Title Date
Sea Surface Salinity Provides Subseasonal Predictability for Forecasts of Opportunity of U.S. Summertime Precipitation RGMA -
Better representation of cloud and subgrid processes leads to a significant improvement in climate model fidelity ESMD RGMA -
Metrics for Evaluating Atmospheric Rivers in Climate Models RGMA -
Constraining CMIP cloud phase using observations RGMA -
Exceptional Stratospheric Contribution to Human Fingerprints on Atmospheric Temperature RGMA -
Influence of Climatological Biases in Clouds and Precipitation on Regional Cloud Feedbacks RGMA -
Externally Forced and Internally Generated Changes in Extreme Rainfall Events RGMA -
Drought to intensify over Amazon by more than projected by most GCMs due to poor representation of land-atmosphere feedbacks RGMA -
CF Metadata Conventions: Facilitating Collaborative Science (Invited) RGMA -
Bringing NASA Datasets Into obs4MIPs Compliance for Climate Model Evaluation RGMA -
Leveraging obs4MIPs for Earth System Model performance benchmarking RGMA -
Collective Earth System Model Evaluation Tool: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3 RGMA -
Modeled internal variability and model evaluation RGMA -
Implications of Inter-Dataset Differences in Sea Surface Warming for Top-of-Atmosphere Radiation and Feedbacks RGMA -
Exploring the Interplay between Cloud Feedback and Aerosol-Cloud Interaction: From E3SM Perturbed Parameter Ensembles RGMA -
Dynamical response of precipitation reveals an emergent constraint on tropical circulation RGMA -
Collaboration between the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC) and the WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) in Past, Present and Future RGMA -
Cloud Feedbacks in Climate Models: An Evaluation Against Real-world Observations RGMA -
Cloud Feedbacks in Models and Observations: Recent Progress and New Challenges RGMA -
The Importance of Deep Convection and Cloud Microphysics for Cloud Feedback RGMA -
The relative role of ocean heat uptake efficiency and feedback parameter in modulating the rate of global warming RGMA -
Evaluation of Individual Cloud Feedbacks in CMIP6 Models Using CERES Observations RGMA -
Substantial contribution of internal variability to satellite-era tropospheric warming inferred from CMIP6 large ensembles RGMA -
Superior daily and sub-daily precipitation statistics for intense and long-lived storms in global storm-resolving models RGMA -
The Global Water Cycle: Coupling and Exchanges Between the Ocean, Land, and Atmosphere III Oral RGMA -
The Global Water Cycle: Coupling and Exchanges Between the Ocean, Land, and Atmosphere II Poster RGMA -
The Global Water Cycle: Coupling and Exchanges Between the Ocean, Land, and Atmosphere I Online Poster Discussion RGMA -
On linkages between precipitation change and cloud feedbacks RGMA -
Towards rigorous evaluation of cloud feedbacks, pattern effects, and climate sensitivity RGMA -
Assumptions and advantages of diagnosing climate change at global warming levels RGMA -

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