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Project: PCMDI – An Earth System Model Evaluation Project
Title Date
Evaluating Climate Models' Cloud Feedbacks against Expert Judgement RGMA
Comprehensive model evaluation to maximize utility to model developers, scientists and stakeholders: Towards Coordinated Model Evaluation Capabilities RGMA
Human and natural influences on the changes in extreme precipitation events RGMA
Investigating the emergence of salinity and temperature changes in the ocean interior in response to human-induced warming and water-cycle amplification RGMA
On the robustness of the evaluation of ENSO in climate models: How many ensemble members are needed? RGMA
Physical drivers of increased interannual variability of precipitation in the Multi Model Large Ensemble Archive RGMA
Process-Oriented Diagnostics for Madden-Julian Oscillation RGMA
Detailing cloud feedbacks with a regime-based decomposition RGMA
On the Correspondence between Atmosphere-Only and Coupled Simulations for Radiative Feedbacks and Forcing from CO2 RGMA
How well do climate models simulate ENSO? How well do we know ENSO? RGMA
Evaluating climate models' cloud feedbacks against expert judgement RGMA
The Differing Responses of Marine Boundary Layer Clouds to Climate Warming RGMA
Clarifying the near-term anthropogenic warming rate by filtering annual variability using a physics based Green’s function approach RGMA
What does the CMIP6 ensemble tell us about ongoing and future changes in precipitation extremes? RGMA
Chapter 3: Human influence on the climate system RGMA
Striking the right balance between holistic performance metrics and process-oriented diagnostics RGMA
The role of the mean state on MJO simulation in CESM2 ensemble simulation RGMA
Revisiting AMOC Transport Estimates from Models and Observations RGMA
Identifiable signatures of greenhouse gases and particulate atmospheric pollution on the changing hydroclimate RGMA
Natural variability can explain model-satellite differences in tropical tropospheric warming RGMA
Observational constraints on decadal low cloud feedbacks associated with varying sea surface temperature patterns RGMA
Assessing prior emergent constraints on surface albedo feedback in CMIP6 RGMA
Cloud feedbacks cause higher climate sensitivity in CMIP6. What do observations say? RGMA
Benchmarking Simulated Precipitation in Earth System Models RGMA
Evaluating hydrologic sensitivity in CMIP6: internal variability versus anthropogenic forcing RGMA
Are newer climate models better in simulating extratropical modes of variability than older ones?: A comparison between CMIP3, 5, and 6 models RGMA
Representation of Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in CMIP6 Models ESMD RGMA
A new metrics package for ENSO evaluation in CMIP models RGMA
Can GCMs produce credible projections of changes in extreme precipitation? (Invited) RGMA
Evaluating the magnitude of extreme daily and sub-daily precipitation in CMIP6 models RGMA

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