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Project: InteRFACE: Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments
Title Date
Arctic Coastal Mesh Re nement in a Global Earth System Model ESMD Poster -
Topology-Based River Network Representation for Hydrologic Modeling ESMD -
Linking Climate Change and Human Systems: A Case Study of Arctic Pipelines MSD
Evaluation of Offshore Wave Climates along the Alaskan North Slope using K-means Clustering RGMA
Detecting changes in permafrost active layer thickness from baseflow recession ESMD RGMA
Analysis of the Impact of Physics Representation on Permafrost Modeling ESMD RGMA MSD
Fusing geospatial datasets to identify patterns and controls on Arctic coastal erosion RGMA
Complicating Resilience in a Global Arctic: Energy Infrastructures at a Precarious Juncture ESMD MSD
Adaptation of Shipping Patterns in the Arctic: Modeling the Choice of Routing through a Changing Arctic Coastal Environments MSD
Human and Physical Systems Interactions in the Arctic: Early Results from the Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments MSD
Sea Ice Climate of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model, Version 2 ESMD
Modeling Future Flooding Extremes to Explore Unidentified Risks in the Arctic RGMA
Properties of Change: Politics and Land Ownership in Northern Alaskan Social-Environmental Systems MSD
Collaboration to better understand Arctic change ESMD RGMA MSD
Characterizing the Distribution of Lakes on Arctic Deltas RGMA
Dissolved Organic Carbon in Arctic Rivers: Reduced Model with Functional Groups RGMA

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