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Project: Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES)
Title Date
Building confidence and credibility amid growing model and computing complexity (Invited) ESMD
High-Resolution, Antarctic Ice Sheet Simulations forced by Submarine Melting Simulated by the Accelerated Climate Model ESMD
Modelling of Sea Ice Formation and Mushy-Layer Convection with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Millennial-Scale Vulnerability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to Localized Subshelf Warm-Water Forcing
Results from ISOMIP+ and MISOMIP1, Two Interrelated Marine Ice Sheet and Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects ESMD
LIVVkit 2: An extensible land ice verification and validation toolkit for comparing observations and models? ESMD
A Three-dimensional, Implicit, Thermo-mechanical Computational Model for Polythermal Ice
Investigating Thresholds in the Retreat and Regrowth of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Towards Quantifying Uncertainty in Greenland's Contribution to 21st Century Sea-Level Rise
Validation of Modelled Ice Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Historical Forcing ESMD Poster -
Building confidence in the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM) with LIVVkit, the land-ice validation and verification toolkit ESMD Poster
Simulating Marine Ice Sheets with the Community Ice Sheet Model ESMD Poster -
Effects of Isolated Drainage on the Seasonal Evolution of the Greenland Subglacial Hydrologic System ESMD -

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