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Project: MULTISCALE: Accurate, Efficient, and Scale-Aware Models of the Earth System
Title Date
Sensitivity of the E3SM Microphysics Model to Process Coupling Time Step Sizes ESMD
An Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Framework for Future Weather and Climate Models ESMD
Self-Aggregation of convection, cyclogenesis and climate change ESMD
Towards a parameterization of aerosol sub-grid variability for global climate models ESMD
Using ARM observations to identify deficiencies in the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) simulations of marine boundary ESMD
Bridging Scales with a High-Order Adaptive Mesh Refinement Dynamical Core ESMD
Efficiency and Flexibility using Implicit Methods within Atmosphere Dycores ESMD
Damping of Gravity Waves by Radiation to the Stratosphere ESMD
Vertical Overlap of Probability Density Functions of Cloud and Precipitation Hydrometeors ESMD
The Sensitivity of Atmospheric Water Isotopes to Entrainment and Precipitation Efficiency in a Bulk Plume Model of Convection ESMD
Information Criterion Comparison of Two Deep Convection Ensembles in the ACME Climate Model ESMD
UQ Analysis of the Double ITCZ Problem ESMD
A CPT for Improving Turbulence and Cloud Processes in the NCEP Global Models ESMD
Characterizing precipitation changes during twenty-first century over western United States using variable-resolution CESM ESMD
Improving Throughput of the ACME Climate Model by Parallel Splitting Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics ESMD Poster -
Tempest: Tools for Addressing the Needs of Next-Generation Climate Models ESMD Poster
Implicit Time Stepping and Preconditioning for Atmospheric Dynamics in the Community Atmosphere Model -

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