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Project: A Cooperative Agreement to Analyze variability, Change and Predictability in the Earth System (CATALYST)
Title Date
Arctic Sea Ice Loss and Near-Surface Wind Speed Changes Related to Surface Roughness with the Community Earth System Model RGMA -
Antarctic Atmospheric River Response to Modes of Variability in Future Climates RGMA -
QBO’s Modulation of the Global Atmospheric River Activities RGMA -
Analyzing Atmospheric River Reforecasts: Error Patterns and Synoptic-Scale Settings RGMA -
Identifying Tropical State-Dependent Biases Relevant to Midlatitude Subseasonal Predictability with Explainable Neural Networks RGMA -
An Earth-System-Oriented View of the S2S Predictability of Weather Regimes RGMA -
When Machine Learning Objectives Compete for Improved Subseasonal Bias Correction, Who Wins? RGMA -
Identifying Precursors of El Niño False Alarms RGMA -
Enhancing Predictability of Southern California Precipitation Using a Multi-Input Multi-Output Autoencoder Network RGMA -
Exploring the Relative and Combined Contribution of the MJO and ENSO to Midlatitude Subseasonal Predictability with an Interpretable Neural Network RGMA -
Constraining CMIP runoff projections over global river basins RGMA -
Tug of war on low-level winds and precipitation between elevated terrain and surface roughness over North and South America RGMA -
Atmospheric River Detection Under Changing Mean-State Climate and Seasonality: ARTMIP Tier 2 Single-Forcing Paleoclimate Experiments RGMA -
QBO’s Modulation of the Global Atmospheric River Activities RGMA -
Responses in the Subpolar North Atlantic in Two Climate Model Sensitivity Experiments with Increased Stratospheric Aerosols RGMA -
Sourcing and constraining uncertainties in climate change projections for the Colorado River Basin RGMA -
Antarctic Atmospheric Rivers in the Present and Future Climates RGMA -
Constraining the model spread in projected warming of hot days RGMA -
Observed humidity trends in dry regions contradict climate models. RGMA -
Evidence for Anthropogenic Aerosols-Driven Precipitation Decline over the U.S. Southwest RGMA -
Links between Seasonal Precipitation Intermittency and Soil Moisture Variability RGMA -
Benchmarking Climate Simulations Across Scales using NCAR's CVDP and CMAT RGMA -
Wet bias in GCMs minimize drought, heat wave risk in northeastern United States RGMA -
Do Atmospheric Rivers Feedback onto the Ocean? Insights gained from a high resolution Earth System Model RGMA -
Advancing Precipitation Prediction Using a New Generation Storm-resolving Model Framework: Case Studies over the Western United States and Maritime Continent Region RGMA -
An overview of cloud-radiation denial experiments for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model version 1 RGMA -
Tightening the belt: investigating the impact of high resolution at reduced computational cost RGMA -
Observational quantification of tropical high cloud changes and feedbacks RGMA -
Rethinking the Role of Wildfire in the Climate System RGMA -
Evaluating Efficient Experimental Designs for Estimating Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity in CESM. RGMA -

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