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Project: Calibrated and Systematic Characterization, Attribution, and Detection of Extremes (CASCADE)
Title Date
Climate Change Attribution of Extreme Rainfall Throughout Hurricane Season RGMA
Constraining Future Projections of Atmospheric Rivers using Moist Static Energy Transport RGMA
The Non-Linear Response of Rain-on-snow Floods to a Warming World: Perspectives from High-Resolution Storyline Simulations RGMA MSD
The Influence of Ocean Coupling on Simulated and Projected Tropical Cyclone Precipitation in the HighResMIP–PRIMAVERA Simulations RGMA
A Storm-Resolving Data Set for Analysis of Precipitation at its Native Scale, Diagnosis of Cloud-Resolving Models, and Development of Next-Generation Parameterizations RGMA
The role and timescale of the moisture-entrainment-convection feedback in Spontaneous TC genesis RGMA
Vertically-Resolved Moist Static Energy Diagnosis on the Development of Tropical Cyclones RGMA
Implications of warming on western United States landfalling atmospheric rivers and their flood damages RGMA MSD -
Chapter 11: Weather and climate extreme events in a changing climate RGMA
Short-Lived Climate Forcers RGMA
Detection and Attribution of Regional Precipitation Change with Granger Causality: Overcoming Limited Observations, Modeling Uncertainty, and Large Internal Variability RGMA
Impacts of end of century climate extremes on California hydrology RGMA
The Shifting Scales of Western US Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers Under Climate Change RGMA MSD
Atmospheric Rivers in a Changing Climate: An Overview from the second phase of the Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP) RGMA
Probabilistic Detection of Atmospheric Rivers Across Climate Datasets and Resolutions with Neural Networks RGMA
The role of atmospheric rivers on groundwater RGMA
Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Life Cycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability RGMA
Uncertainty in Current and Projected Atmospheric Rivers: A Call for Process-Oriented Constraints on AR Detection RGMA
Sources of Subseasonal-to-seasonal Predictability of Atmospheric Rivers and Precipitation in the Western United States RGMA
The impact of the Moisture-Entrainment-Convection feedback on Spontaneous TC genesis RGMA
A Vertically Resolved Moist Static Energy Framework Highlights the Role of the Boundary Layer in Convective Self-Aggregation RGMA
Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of Extremes over the Continental United States with Radar Data RGMA
High-Resolution Detection and Attribution for Extreme Precipitation over the Contiguous United States RGMA
Could the Large-Scale Circulation Affect Extreme Rainfall? Comparison of Models with Parameterized Convection, Superparameterization and Cloud-Resolved Self-Aggregation RGMA
Assessing Changes in Tropical Cyclone Genesis under Varying Climate Scenarios RGMA
Historical Relationships Between Climate Forcings and Observed Extreme Precipitation RGMA
Size of the atmospheric blocking events: A scaling law and response to climate change RGMA
The Longitude of Tropical Pacific Deep Convection: A Perspective on ENSO Diversity and Implications for Western US Hydroclimate RGMA
Contrasting ITCZ changes over recent decades and under anthropogenic warming: causes and impacts RGMA
Spontaneous Tropical Cyclogenesis without Radiative and Surface-Flux Feedbacks. RGMA

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