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Early Results from the MJO-SST Sensitivity Model Intercomparison Project (MSMIP) RGMA -
The Link Between Extreme Storms and Climate Action: A Study of Coastal New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut RGMA -
The Influence of Climate Change on the Severe Flooding from Remnants of Hurricane Ida 2021 MSD -
Observed and projected changes of large-scale environments conducive to spring MCS initiation over the U.S. Great Plains RGMA -
Using Statistical Learning Techniques to Investigate Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Large Tornado Outbreaks in the United States RGMA -
Quantifying the Predictability of Coastal Hydroclimate Conditions from Large-scale Climate Drivers RGMA -
Quantifying the Predictability of Coastal Hydroclimate Conditions from Large-scale Climate Drivers ESMD RGMA MSD -
Tying Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns to Northeastern U.S. Winter Storm Precipitation with Self-Organizing Maps RGMA -
Examining the Impacts of an Interactive Fire Plume-Rise Model in E3SM on Aerosol Radiative Effects ESMD -
Impact of tropical cyclone winds on ENSO RGMA -
Assumptions and advantages of diagnosing climate change at global warming levels RGMA -
Notable Impact of Wildfires in the Western US on Weather Hazards in the Central US RGMA -
Emergence of multiple feedbacks in the extreme and persistent warmth over Siberia in 2020 RGMA -
Using Statistical Learning Methods to Accelerate Model Parameter Sensitivity Experiments RGMA -
Quantifying Extremes in Net Biospheric Production and Attribution to Compound Climate Drivers RGMA -
The Thermal Response of Permafrost to Coastal Flooding RGMA -
Mobility in the Changing Arctic: Quantitative Methods to Assess Climate and Socioeconomic Impacts on Arctic Transportation Systems MSD -
Regionalized Permafrost Active Layer Thickness Change From Nonlinear Baseflow Recession RGMA -
Quantification of Environmental Drivers Underlying the Changes in Urban Vegetation Using Machine Learning RGMA -
Exploring the co-evolution of cropping choices and groundwater depletion using an agent base crop modeling - groundwater cost curve approach MSD -
Using causal analysis and machine learning to evaluate the CO2 fertilization of global photosynthesis RGMA -
The Dual Impacts of Space Heating Electrification and Climate Change on Seasonal Peaking and Reliability of the Texas Power Grid. MSD -
Investigating the Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat on the Climate of Los Angeles MSD -
The implications of climate change on Sierra Nevada snow hydrology and its impacts on California’s water-food-energy nexus. RGMA MSD -
Osiris: An R package to process climate impacts on agricultural yields for the Global Change Analysis Model MSD -
Calibration of the Arctic Coastal Erosion Model at Drew Point, AK, Over a Permafrost Bluff Block Collapse Event in Summer 2018 RGMA -
Helios: An R Package to Process Heating and Cooling Degrees for an Integrated Model of Global Energy-Water-Land Dynamics RGMA -
When Do Different Scenarios of Future Electricity Demand Start to Meaningfully Diverge? MSD -
Sensitivity of urban air warming to anthropogenic heat within a forcing-feedback framework MSD -
Coevolution of future water, energy and land systems across the United States in response to national and global socioeconomic, climate, and energy policy drivers. MSD -

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