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Climate Warming Amplifies the Frequency of a Weather Pattern Linked to Wildfires in the Western United States RGMA -
Links between Seasonal Precipitation Intermittency and Soil Moisture Variability RGMA -
Evidence for Anthropogenic Aerosols-Driven Precipitation Decline over the U.S. Southwest RGMA -
Observed humidity trends in dry regions contradict climate models. RGMA -
Evaluation of the Regional Arctic System Model for Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Arctic Climate Prediction RGMA -
Identifying and Reducing Uncertainties in Smoke-Stratocumulus Interactions in Multiple Climate Models in the Southeastern Atlantic Using Field Campaign Observations ESMD -
Impact of Land Use/Land Cover Change on Biogeochemical Fluxes using Fully Coupled E3SM-GCAM Model ESMD -
Constraining the model spread in projected warming of hot days RGMA -
How do Downscaling and Bias-Correction Alter the Uncertainty Decomposition of Future Climate Projections? MSD -
Wave – Sea Ice Interactions in Global Climate Simulations of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) ESMD -
CEDAR-GPP: spatiotemporally upscaled estimates of global photosynthesis incorporating CO2 fertilization RGMA -
Evaluation of river routing on an unstructured mesh for E3SM ESMD -
Are turbulence effects on droplet collision-coalescence a key to understanding observed rain formation in clouds? ESMD -
Projected increase in summer heat-dome-like stationary waves over Northwestern North America RGMA -
Impacts of Arctic Atmospheric Rivers on sea-ice in a changing climate : Exploring uncertainties in impacts based on definition of 'extreme event' in a warming climate RGMA -
Attribution of the 2020-21 Western US Drought RGMA -
Toward credible predictions of aerosol-cloud interactions in Earth system models ESMD -
Drought to intensify over Amazon by more than projected by most GCMs due to poor representation of land-atmosphere feedbacks RGMA -
Forecasting tropical annual maximum wet-bulb temperatures months in advance with ENSO RGMA -
Benchmarking Climate Simulations Across Scales using NCAR's CVDP and CMAT RGMA -
Climate Effects of Future Aerosol Reductions for Achieving Carbon Neutrality ESMD -
Drivers of Runoff Efficiency in the Western United States RGMA -
Partitioning of Ecosystem Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Respiration using Multi-source Data and Knowledge-guided Machine Learning RGMA -
Can biomass burning aerosol induced surface cooling and atmospheric teleconnection be amplified through sea surface temperature-cloud feedback over the Southeast Atlantic? RGMA -
Ocean-forcing of cool season precipitation drives ongoing and future decadal drought in southwestern North America RGMA -
CF Metadata Conventions: Facilitating Collaborative Science (Invited) RGMA -
Wet bias in GCMs minimize drought, heat wave risk in northeastern United States RGMA -
Do Atmospheric Rivers Feedback onto the Ocean? Insights gained from a high resolution Earth System Model RGMA -
Global High-resolution Urban Surface Representation for Earth System Models ESMD RGMA -
Characterizing Heat Wave Impacts on Spatially Coincident Peak Loads and Resulting Transmission Dynamics MSD -

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