The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation: Key Drivers and Climate Impacts

In progress

We propose to investigate the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMV) using a hierarchical modeling framework to advance our process-level understanding on the respective roles of, and the feedback between, the key drivers of the AMV, in particular the ocean circulation associated with the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and random atmospheric noise, which is primarily due to the variability of the North Atlantic Oscillation. The focus will be primarily on the AMV due to natural variability, but the investigation will be extended to the possible modulation of the main characteristics of the AMV under external climate forcing. Furthermore, we will examine the impact of the AMV, with a special emphasis on the possible augmentation of predictability that the AMV may bring to the regional weather and climate of North America, Western Europe, and the Arctic. Based on the improved dynamical understanding of the key drivers and impacts of AMV, a set of metrics for the AMV will be developed to assess the DOE’s E3SM v.1 among the latest generation of earth system models.

Project Term: 
2018 to 2021
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Science Focus Area (SFA)


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