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DOE/NOAA Detection and Attribution of Climate Variations and Changes

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DOC-NOAA), the provider of services, will act as co-sponsor and administrator for a group of financial assistance projects under a program entitled “DOE/NOAA Project to Document, Detect, and Attribute Patterns of Climate Change”. Specifically, the NOAA Climate Program Office (CPO) will furnish grant administration services to DOE. These services include selecting, processing, and tracking climate change research grants awarded to States, institutions, and individuals qualified to conduct climate-related studies. The studies will address the creation of climate-quality data sets to document changes in the physical climate system, the detection of significant changes, and the scientifically-rigorous attribution of these changes to natural and/or anthropogenic causes, as appropriate. NOAA will award grants using NOAA funds and DOE funds, with funds being applied to support competitive research proposals selected in accordance with the Climate Program Office Annual Federal Funding Opportunity Announcement. NOAA/CPO will prepare an annual report that identifies successful grant award applicants. For these services, DOE will transfer $290,000 per year in no-year funds to NOAA/CPO for the term of the agreement.