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Image courtesy of DOE EESM.

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Image by Nathan Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 

MSD-LIVE, the MultiSector Dynamics – Living, Intuitive, Value-adding, Environment, is a cloud-based flexible and scalable data and code management system and advanced computing platform that enables MSD researchers to document and archive their data, run their models and analysis tools, and share their data, software, and multi-model workflows within the MSD Community of Practice.

As in many other communities, MSD researchers struggle with data and code management—from finding storage to making it easy for others to find, share, and re-use data and code. However, the extraordinary diversity of MSD research, encapsulated in the “multi-” descriptor that applies to basically every aspect of what we do, exacerbates these challenges and demands a state-of-the-science solution. Using MSD-LIVE, MSD projects are now able to:

  1. Quickly and easily find datasets produced by other users and projects.
  2. Permanently archive final-form datasets and generate data Digital Object Identifiers to meet journal requirements for data sharing.
  3. Use an intuitive web-based user interface to document and share versioned datasets and associate data with the code used to produce it.
  4. Train new team members on MSD projects to effectively manage data and code and capture the institutional knowledge of members who leave a project.
  5. Create and manage teams that cross institutions to quickly and easily grant access to data and code without having to obtain multiple sets of institutional credentials.

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