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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Term
Toward Improving the Simulation and Prediction of Extratropical Northern Hemisphere Blocking Patterns and Extreme Weather RGMA Furtado, Jason C. University of Oklahoma 2023 - 2026
The Effects of the Tropical Indian Ocean on the Atlantic Climate Mean State, Variability and Change in E3SM and Other Earth System Models RGMA Hu, Shineng Duke University 2023 - 2026
Elevated Land Surface Heat Anomalies as Sources of U.S. Summer Hydroclimate Predictability: E3SMv2 Low-Level Jet and Precursor Event Sensitivities RGMA Ferguson, Craig State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany 2023 - 2026
Representation of the Interactions Between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the Maritime Continent in the Regionally-Refined Simple Cloud-Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model (SCREAM) RGMA Jiang, Xianan University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 2023 - 2026
Assessing Sources of Precipitation Predictability in E3SM with Explainable Artificial Intelligence RGMA Barnes, Elizabeth Colorado State University 2023 - 2026
Interannual and Multidecadal Modes of Climate Variability: Modal Evolutions, Links, Regional Impacts, and E3SM Representations RGMA Nigam, Sumant University of Maryland 2023 - 2026
Coupling Between Arctic Cyclones and AMOC/AMO in High-Resolution Model Simulations RGMA Zhang, Xiangdong University of Alaska Fairbanks 2023 - 2026
Sea Level Extremes Along the U.S. East Coast in E3SM: Simulation of the Recent Past and Projection of the Near Future RGMA Han, Weiqing University of Colorado 2023 - 2026
The Forced Trends in the Tropical Pacific and Global Tropical Cyclones in Earth System Models RGMA Lee, Chia-Ying Columbia University 2022 - 2025
Exploring Global Aerosol Cloud Interactions in Unprecedented Numerical Fidelity by Combining Breakthroughs in Multi-Scale Modeling, GPU Supercomputing & Neural Network Process Emulation RGMA Pritchard, Michael University of California Irvine (UC Irvine) 2022 - 2025
Extreme Precipitation Features and Their Large-Scale Environments RGMA Neelin, J. David University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 2022 - 2025
The Mechanisms, Impacts and Predictability of Extreme El Niño Events in E3SM and Other Earth System Models: Quantifying the Role of Westerly Wind Bursts RGMA Fedorov, Alexey Yale University 2022 - 2025
Investigating the Effects of Co-Occurring Weather Phenomena on Extreme Precipitation in Reanalysis, E3SM, and CMIP6 RGMA O'Brien, Travis Indiana University 2022 - 2025
Madden-Julian Oscillation Simulation in E3SM and the Roles of Convective Cloud Microphysics RGMA Song, Xiaoliang Scripps Institution of Oceanography 2022 - 2025
Extreme Moist Transport Events as a Driver of Arctic Amplification RGMA Feldl, Nicole University of California Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) 2022 - 2025
Modes of Pacific Variability and Extremes in a Changing Climate: The Roles of the Kuroshio-Oyashio and Tropical-Extratropical Coupling RGMA Di Lorenzo, Emanuele Brown University 2022 - 2025
Extreme Precipitation Scaling With Temperature Across Weather-Climate Timescales and the Role of Land Surface Feedback RGMA Wang, Guiling University of Connecticut 2022 - 2025
Understanding Cloud Feedback and Climate Sensitivity in E3SMv1 and CMIP6 Models: Roles of Cloud Microphysics and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions RGMA Liu, Xiaohong Texas A&M University 2021 - 2024
ECS in Climate Models: Quantifying the Uncertainties due to Cloud Feedback Versus Ocean Heat Uptake Using a Modeling Hierarchy RGMA Cheng, Wei University of Washington 2021 - 2024
Tracking Carbon Dioxide in the Southern Ocean RGMA Lovenduski, Nicole University of Colorado - Boulder 2021 - 2024
The Role of Vegetation in Past and Future Global Hydroclimatic Change RGMA Smerdon, Jason E. Columbia University 2021 - 2024
Understanding the Role of Aerosol/Cloud Interactions in North Atlantic and Pacific Climate Variability RGMA Vimont, Daniel J. University of Wisconsin Madison 2021 - 2024
Coupling Model Intercomparison with Synthesized Experimental Data Across Time and Space to Constrain Carbon Dynamics and Biogeochemical Cycling in Permafrost Ecosystems RGMA Schaedel, Christina Northern Arizona University 2021 - 2024
A Highly Efficient Deep-Learning Based Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Reduction Framework for Ecosystem Dynamics Models RGMA Shen, Chaopeng Pennsylvania State University 2021 - 2024
Bridging Spatio-Temporal Scales to Observationally Constrain the Cloud Feedback Pattern Effect RGMA Proistosescu, Cristian University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2021 - 2024
Evaluating the influence of plants on hydrologic cycling: Quantifying and validating the role of plant processes and stomatal conductance RGMA Swann, Abigail University of Washington 2020 - 2024
The Role of Deep Convection and Large-scale Circulation in Driving Model Spread in Low Cloud Feedback and Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity RGMA Su, Hui University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 2020 - 2024
Investigating Cloud Feedbacks in Earth System Models RGMA Soden, Brian University of Miami 2020 - 2024
Ocean Physical-Biogeochemical Interactions in the CMIP6 and E3SM Earth System Models RGMA Ito, Takamitsu Georgia Institute of Technology 2020 - 2024
Modeling Arctic Storms and Impacts of Diminishing Sea Ice RGMA Walsh, John E.; Roesler, E.L. University of Alaska Fairbanks 2020 - 2024

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