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Publication Date
11 December 2020

hectorui: A web-based interactive scenario builder and visualization application for the Hector climate model



In a world of increasingly online, distributed, and diverse interdisciplinary research, there is a need to provide accessible and user-friendly interactive visualization tools that elucidate complex models and their output products. hectorui is an R Shiny web interface built to enhance the user experience for the simple global climate model Hector (Hartin et al., 2015), originally designed in C++ and later extended with an R interface. Before hectorui, Hector only had a command line-based interface available which requires fluency in C++ or R and a full understanding of Hector’s parameter space to run the model and create output. hectorui provides a fast, efficient solution that makes the model more accessible to a broader user base and offers enhanced functionality (Figure 1). This implementation allows users that may not be fluent in a programming language to interactively explore model scenarios and outputs in an easy-to-use, guided point and click interface.
“Hectorui: A Web-Based Interactive Scenario Builder And Visualization Application For The Hector Climate Model”. 2020. Journal Of Open Source Software 5: 2782. doi:10.21105/joss.02782.
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