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Publication Date
29 June 2019

A Hierarchical Collection of Political/Economic Regions for Analysis of Climate Extremes



This paper describes five sets of regions intended for use in summarizing extreme weather over Earth’s land areas from a climate perspective. The sets differ in terms of their target size: ∼10 Mm2, ∼5 Mm2, ∼2 Mm2, ∼0.5 Mm2, and ∼0.1 Mm2 (where 1 Mm2= 1 million km2). The regions are based on political/economic divisions, and hence are intended to be primarily aligned with geographical domains of decision-making and disaster response rather than other factors such as climatological homogeneity. This paper describes the method for defining these sets of regions; provides the final definitions of the regions; and performs some comparisons across the five sets and other available regional definitions with global land coverage, according to climatological and non-climatological properties.

“A Hierarchical Collection Of Political/Economic Regions For Analysis Of Climate Extremes”. 2019. Climatic Change 155: 639-656. doi:10.1007/s10584-019-02479-6.
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