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Publication Date
22 October 2021

NA-CORDEX Data Archive

The NA-CORDEX data archive contains output from regional climate models (RCMs) run over a domain covering most of North America.  These simulations are driven with boundary conditions from global climate model (GCM) simulations from the CMIP5 archive (used in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report) under high (RCP8.5) and moderate (RCP4.5) greenhouse gas concentration trajectories.  These simulations run from 1950-2100 with a spatial resolution of 0.22°/25km or 0.44°/50km. The archive provides data for impacts-relevant variables (including surface temperature, precipitation, humidity, insolation, and winds) at daily and longer frequencies in standards-compliant netCDF format.  Sub-daily precipitation is also available for some simulations.  The archive includes a version of the data that has been adjusted to remove systematic biases using a method that corrects multiple variables simultaneously, using the GridMET gridded observational dataset as a reference.  The project website provides guidance on use of the data, and the data portal provides a custom search interface and spatio-temporal subsetting capabiities.

“Na-Cordex Data Archive”. 2021. Boulder CO: NCAR Climate Data Gateway. doi:10.5065/D6SJ1JCH.
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