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Publication Date
7 November 2023

PyFlowline: a mesh-independent river network generator for hydrologic models



River networks are crucial in hydrologic and Earth system models. Accurately representing river networks in spatially-distributed hydrologic models requires considering the model's spatial discretization and computational mesh. However, current methods of generating river networks for hydrologic models do not typically support unstructured meshes. Unstructured meshes offer numerous advantages over traditional, structured meshes. To overcome this limitation, we developed PyFlowline, a Python package that generates mesh-independent river networks. With PyFlowline, hydrologic modelers can generate conceptual river networks and their topological relationships for both structured and unstructured meshes.

Liao, Chang, and Matt G Cooper. 2023. “Pyflowline: A Mesh-Independent River Network Generator For Hydrologic Models”. Journal Of Open Source Software 8 (91). The Open Journal: 5446. doi:10.21105/joss.05446.
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