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Project: Non-Hydrostatic Dynamics with Multi-Moment Characteristic Discontinuous Galerkin (NH-MMCDG) Methods Phase 2
Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Reservoir Computing as a Tool for Climate Predictability Studies RGMA Journal Article Nadiga, Balu Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Framework to Evaluate IMEX Schemes for Atmospheric Models ESMD Journal Article Guba, Oksana Sandia National Laboratories
Enhancing Skill of Initialized Decadal Predictions Using a Dynamic Model of Drift RGMA Journal Article Nadiga, Balasubramanya T. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Conservative Multimoment Transport along Characteristics for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods ESMD Journal Article Bosler, Peter A. Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Communication-Efficient Property Preservation in Tracer Transport ESMD Journal Article Bradley, Andrew M. Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)

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