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Project: A Framework for Improving Analysis and Modeling of Earth System and Intersectoral Dynamics at Regional Scales (HyperFACETS)
Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
The June 2012 North American Derecho: A Testbed for Evaluating Regional and Global Climate Modeling Systems at Cloud‐Resolving Scales ESMD RGMA Journal Article Liu, W. University of California - Davis
Urbanization Impact on Regional Climate and Extreme Weather: Current Understanding, Uncertainties, and Future Research Directions ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Qian, Yun Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
A Review of SWAT Applications, Performance and Future Needs for Simulation of Hydro-Climatic Extremes ESMD Journal Article Tan, Mou Leong Universiti Sains Malaysia - Malaysia
Pacific Decadal Oscillation Remotely Forced by the Equatorial Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans ESMD RGMA Journal Article Johnson, Zachary F. Utah State University (USU)
Analysis of Alternative Climate Datasets and Evapotranspiration Methods for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Using SWAT Within HAWQS ESMD Journal Article Chen, Manyu Iowa State University
Seasonal and Interannual Patterns and Controls of Hydrological Fluxes in an Amazon Floodplain Lake With a Surface‐Subsurface Process Model ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Ji, Xinye Pennsylvania State University
Evidence of Specific MJO Phase Occurrence with Summertime California Central Valley Extreme Hot Weather ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Lee, Yun-Young Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Center - Korea
Assessing Mountains as Natural Reservoirs with a Multi-Metric Framework ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Rhoades, Alan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Contiguous US Summer Maximum Temperature and Heat Stress Trends in CRU and NOAA Climate Division Data Plus Comparisons to Reanalyses ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Grotjahn, Richard University of California Davis (UC Davis)
Exploring a Variable-Resolution Approach for Simulating Regional Climate in the Rocky Mountain Region Using the VR-CESM ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Wu, Chenglai University of Wyoming
The Changing Character of Twenty-First-Century Precipitation over the Western United States in the Variable-Resolution CESM ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Ullrich, Paul University of California Davis (UC Davis)

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