15 January 2018

CLUBB vs. Conventional Subgrid scheme: An evaluation of marine boundary cloud properties in the GCM using COSP and satellite observations

Evaluation of GCM clouds using COSP


Marine Boundary Clouds play a critical role in the climate system, but they are poorly simulated in the GCMs. This study uses satellite observations to evaluate the MBL cloud properties in the GCMs to help the modelers to improve the cloud simulations in GCM. 


This study provides potential pathways for the modelers to improve the MBL cloud simulations in GCM.


MBL cloud simulations in the current generation of GCM with state-of-the-art subgrid cloud parameterization are evaluated using satellite observations. Several problems have been revealed in the model and potential pathway to improvement has been suggested. 

Zhibo Zhang
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)