Biological and Environmental Research - Earth and Environmental System Sciences
Earth and Environmental System Modeling
26 March 2019

Downscaling Wind

Review of wind climate regionalization.


Our analysis documents the many opportunities that remain to; (1) refine existing regionalization/downscaling methods for sustained and high frequency winds, (2) develop new approaches to improve the skill with which the spatiotemporal scales of wind variability are represented, and articulates new approaches to evaluate and improve skill in describing wind climates. 


Wind storms are the single biggest source of “weather-related” insurance losses in Europe and North America in the contemporary climate. Possible changes in wind regimes and intense wind events as a result of global climate non-stationarity are of importance to a variety of potential climate change feedbacks, and a number of other socioeconomic sectors.


Our comprehensive review of the state of the art in wind climates also includes recommendations regarding future research directions.


Sara C. Pryor
Cornell University
Pryor, SC, and AN Hahmann.  2019.  "Downscaling Wind."  Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science.