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Publication Date
18 June 2018

Downstream Effects From Contemporary Wind Turbine Deployments

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Using year-long high-resolution (4-km) WRF simulations and actual wind turbine (WT) geolocations and two different approaches to WT aerodynamics we have quantified uncertainty in local/mesoscale climate effects.


Our research shows the standard formulation to characterize the aerodynamics of WT and impacts to the atmosphere (Fitch) may generate ‘wakes’ (disturbed air downstream from WT arrays) that are too strong and persistent.  Thus, previous work may have overstated climate impacts from WT.


A new wind farm parameterization (EWP) introduced to WRF and compared climate impacts from WT based on Fitch (standard) and EWP using year-long simulations at 4 km.


Point of Contact
S. C. Pryor
Cornell University
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