24 November 2015

A Unified Convection Scheme UNICON Part I


This publication develops a new unified parameterization of convection for use in weather and climate models, in particular the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model (CAM).   As opposed to earlier convective parameterizations UNICON models all convection in the atmosphere within a single framework and does not use separate convection parameterizations models for dry, moist shallow and deep moist convective plumes. The figure in the slide depicts the conceptual processes within the UNICON parameterization and the explicit decomposition of subgrid scale motions into symmetric diffusive turbulence and asymmetric turbulent plumes associated with convection. The parameterization is constructed so that UNICON is naturally adaptive to changes in grid resolution.

2015.  "A Unified Convection Scheme UNICON Part I."  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 71: 3902-3930.  https://doi.org/10.1175/JAS-D-12-0233.1.