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The entire collection of Earth and Environmental System Modeling Research Highlights can be accessed using the search below. You may also search the BER Research Highlights database by selecting Earth and Environmental System Modeling and/or Multisector Dynamics then selecting List.

Title Contact Institution Date
Pollution Weakens Monsoon's Might: Local, Global Emissions Suppress South Asian Summer Rainfall ESMD Dilip Ganguly
Bytes for Bits: Researchers Develop a New, Efficient Aerosol Module for Climate Models ESMD Xiahong Liu
Evaluating Aerosol-Cloud Interaction: Scientists Show Climate Model Reasonably Simulates The Relationship Between Aerosol And Cloud Droplet Size ESMD Chuanfeng Zhao
Desert Dust Intensifies Summer Rainfall in U.S. Southwest ESMD Chun Zhao
Exploring an Ensemble-Based Approach to Atmospheric Climate Modeling and Testing at Scale ESMD Salil Mahajan Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Discrete Conservation Properties for Shallow Water Flows using Mixed Mimetic Spectral Elements ESMD David Lee Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Tracer Transport within an Unstructured Grid Ocean Model using Characteristic Discontinuous Galerkin Advection ESMD David Lee Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Sensitivity of Stratospheric Dynamics to O3 Production ESMD Jeremy G Fyke Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Plugging Water's Effects into an Earth System Model ESMD MSD Jeremy G Fyke Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Dynamic Ice Sheets in the Community Earth System Model ESMD RGMA
Negative 21st Century Mass Balance for the Greenland Ice Sheet ESMD Siyu Chen
Simulating Greenland's Surface Mass Balance in the Community Earth System Model ESMD Siyu Chen
Constraining Transient Ice Sheet Models with Sparse, Diverse Observations ESMD
Regional Model Simulation of the African Monsoon Precipitation Response to Land Use Change ESMD RGMA Samson Hagos
Web-based Visual Analytics for Extreme Scale Climate Science ESMD Michael J DeFlorio Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
Simulating Convective Properties using Physical Spectral-bin and Parameterized Bulk Microphysical Models ESMD Richard Grotjahn University of California Davis (UC Davis)
Fidelity of Climate Extremes in High Resolution Climate Models ESMD Matthew Norman Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
The AeroCom Evaluation and Intercomparison of Organic Aerosol in Global Models ESMD
Chemistry in CESM ESMD Dilip Ganguly
Cutting Air Pollution Got Boost From Weather: Scientists Compared Emission Controls Versus Weather During Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ESMD Steven J Smith
Predicting Arctic Sea Ice Loss: Scientists Put Climate Model Through Paces, Identify Shortcomings ESMD Steven J Smith
Worldwide Water in the Balance: Tropical Clouds Hold Clues for the Global Water Cycle ESMD Steven J Smith
Linking Ice Nucleation to Aerosols and Its Impact on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Radiation ESMD Siyu Chen
Climate Model Simulations of Clouds Are Improving ESMD RGMA Siyu Chen
Two Modes of Sea-ice Gravity Drainage: A Parameterization for Large-scale Modeling ESMD Siyu Chen
New River-routing Model Improves Simulations of Water Movement within the Earth’s system ESMD MSD Xiaohong Liu
Fast and Slow Responses of the South Asian Monsoon System to Anthropogenic Aerosols ESMD Peter M Caldwell
A Shortcut to Aerosol Signatures: Scientists find a way to separate the aerosol signal from the weather noise ESMD Hsi-Yen Ma
High Resolution Land Surface Parameters for the Community Land Model ESMD Y Gu
A New Global River Network Database for Macroscale Hydrologic Modeling ESMD MSD Minghuai Wang

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