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Biogeochemical Transport and Reactions (BeTR): Robust Land Biogeochemistry Model Development in E3SM

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The Biogeochemical Transport and Reactions (BeTR) module is a reactive transport software package designed to help the scientific community improve regional and global biogeochemistry projections within earth system models (ESMs). BeTR supports fast, robust, and flexible modeling of soil biogeochemistry. It is designed to improve understanding of how soil biogeochemistry responds to and affects changes in regional and global climate systems. 

BeTR allows earth system modelers to focus on exploring scientific questions and frees them from the often-challenging design and integration of numerical solution strategies to link them with a range of biogeochemical (BGC) processes. This reactive transport framework enables structural uncertainty quantification without confounding factors, such as dissimilar model configurations and driving data, which have made past land modules difficult to interpret.

While BeTR can be used with most current ESMs, it is optimized to couple with the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM), the Department of Energy’s state-of-the-science earth system model development and simulation project. When paired with E3SM, BeTR can accelerate soil BGC model development and evaluation, improving ESM projections.

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Jinyun Tang
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
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