30 January 2019

FATES: The E3SM Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator

Coarse, homogenized representation of vegetation in ELM’s ‘big-leaf’ version of the model, compared to demographic vegetation in ELM-FATES with heterogeneity in plant size, canopy, type as represented by ‘cohorts,’ and age since disturbance separated into different ‘patches.’
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The Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES) is a next-generation numerical terrestrial ecosystem model that simulates and predicts growth, death, and regeneration of plants and subsequent tree size distributions. When coupled into an earth system model, FATES allows representation of potential ecosystem responses to environmental resource availability (water, light, and nutrients), climate, and atmospheric compositional changes—and how ecosystem change alters earth system dynamics. 

Jennifer Holm
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory