12 July 2018

The Land Ice Verification and Validation Toolkit (LIVVkit)

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The Land Ice Verification and Validation Toolkit (LIVVkit) is an open-source, Python-based software package that addresses the pressing need of earth system modelers to evaluate and improve the simulation of continental-scale, dynamic ice-sheet models.

LIVVkit assists ice-sheet modelers by focusing on two basic techniques to produce credible models—verification and validation. Verification ensures that all model aspects are accurately constructed. Validation tests how capable models are at representing the real world. LIVVkit provides an easily extensible framework to, for example, expand its capability to include new observational data and assess models on new computing platforms. Moreover, it is designed for quick adaptation to multiple ice-sheet models using flexible code, functions, and configurations. Ultimately, LIVVkit can help scientists build confidence in their models and enhance the credibility of ice-sheet models overall.

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Joseph H. Kennedy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)