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101st American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 10, 2021 - 07:00 to Friday, January 15, 2021 - 14:00
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In response to the recent survey regarding the 101st AMS Annual Meeting and as noted in this announcement, AMS is moving all oral and poster sessions, panel discussions, and exhibits to a virtual format. AMS will also plan on having virtual networking opportunities and short courses available. AMS is planning a more inclusive meeting than in past years. Please refer to the 2021 AMS Annual Meeting FAQ’s that are posted on the Annual Meeting website.

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Monday, January 11
Aerosol–Radiation Interactions
Monday, January 11 Oral 1.4. Dynamically Evolving Absorption of Biomass Burning Aerosols and Impact on Radiation (Invited Presentation) 10:25 am
Improvements to the Analysis and Prediction of Drought. Part II; Advancing Atmospheric and Surface Process Understanding through Modeling and Observations in High-Altitude Complex Terrain. Part I
Monday, January 11 Oral 2B.7. The Impact of Representing Variable Soil Thickness with Topographic Subgrid Heterogeneity in E3SM 1:40 pm
Monday, January 11 Oral 2B.8. Impacts of Topography-Based Downscaling of Atmospheric Forcing on Simulations of Land Surface Processes in Earth System Model 1:45 pm
ACMAP:  Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis Program. Part II
Monday, January 11 Oral 3A.2. Chemical Patterns Controlling Tropospheric Ozone and Methane: The ATom Dataset 3:45 pm
Emerging Science from Earth System Models and CMIP6
Monday, January 11 Oral 3B.5. Representation of Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in CMIP6 Models 4:00 pm
Tuesday, January 12
Observations and Modeling of Air–Sea Coupling and Exchange: Recent Advances in Measurement, Application, and Coupled Modeling. Part I- 4.ii
Tuesday, January 12 Oral 4.7. Ocean Surface Flux Algorithm Effects on Earth System Model Energy and Water Cycles 11:20 am
Understanding Heat Waves and Addressing the Risks to Human and Animal Health
Tuesday, January 12 Oral Joint 5.1. Normalized Global Warming and Occurrence of Heat Waves (Invited Presentation) 1:10 pm
Tuesday, January 12 Poster 509. Skillful Prediction of U.K. Seasonal Energy Consumption Based on Climate Information 2:00 pm
Wednesday, January 13
Weather Forecasting Applications Including Improved Satellite Data Assimilation
Wednesday, January 13 Oral 8.2. Improving Analyses and Predictions of a Tropical Squall Line Using Upper-Tropospheric Infrared Satellite Observations 1:15 pm
Results from New Observations and Modeling Studies of Smoke–Cloud–Radiation–Climate Interactions in the Southeast Atlantic; Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Mixed-Phase Clouds. Part I
Wednesday, January 13 Oral 8.10. Impacts of Ice-Nucleating Particles from Marine Aerosols on Winter Mixed-Phase Clouds during 2015 ACAPEX Field Campaign 1:55 pm
EIPT Posters
Wednesday, January 13 Poster 573. Additional NetCDF Compression Options with the Community Codec Repository (CCR) 2:00 pm
Thursday, January 14
Land Use and Land Cover Change—Interactions with Weather and Climate. Part III
Thursday, January 14 Oral 11B.2. Urbanization-Induced Land and Aerosol Impacts on Storm Propagation and Hail Characteristics 1:15 pm
How Can Enterprise Meet Societal Needs Related to Wildland Fire, Water, and Weather?
Thursday, January 14 Joint 11.3. Meteorological Environments Associated with California Wildfires and Their Potential Roles in Wildfire Changes during 1984–2017 1:20 pm
Monsoon Dynamics: Variability, Change, and Impacts
Thursday, January 14 Oral 11A.4. Roles of Shallow, Deep, and Organized Convection in the Indian Summer Monsoon Overturning 1:25 pm
9MJO- Thu
Thursday, January 14 Poster 862. The Role of the Latent Heat Flux Feedback on the MJO’s Seasonal Cycle 2:00 pm
Thursday, January 14 Poster 863. Propagation and Maintenance of MJO Convection over the Southern Maritime Continent in Boreal Winter and Spring 2:00 pm
Tropical Cyclone Research and Forecasting: Multiscale Processes and Model Development Part II
Thursday, January 14 Oral 12.8. A Process-Oriented Evaluation of Tropical Cyclones in the DOE E3SMv1 Simulations 4:45 pm
Friday, January 15
Atmospheric Rivers: Processes, Impacts, and Uncertainty Quantification
Friday, January 15 Oral 13A.7. The Influence of Background Divergent Moisture Flux on the Frequency and Spatial Distribution of North Pacific Atmospheric Rivers 10:40 am
Coastal Hazard Assessment and Prediction. Part II; Urban Modeling and Applications to Coastal Urban Environment
Friday, January 15 Oral 13.8. A Risk Analysis Framework for Tropical Cyclones (RAFT) 10:45 am
Atmospheric Convection and Air–Sea Interactions over the Tropical Oceans
Friday, January 15 Oral Joint 14A.1. Are SST Anomaly Spatial Patterns or Extrema More Important for MJO Propagation in Coupled Simulations? 1:10 pm