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102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Event Date
Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 8:00am - Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 5:00am

The 2022 American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting will be held virtually from January 23 to 27, 2022. Due to a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, AMS decided to eliminate in-person sessions, which were to be held in Houston. Read the AMS announcement from January 6, 2022. The meeting will now be 100% virtual. 

The theme for the 102nd AMS Annual Meeting is Environmental Security: Weather, water, and climate for a more secure world. The motivation for this theme?

"We are seeing a growing influence of weather, water, and climate on the security of nations and their peoples due to a rapidly increasing global population (including a growing percentage that are migrating to coastal areas and/or away from areas of crises) coupled with evolving human and national security impacts from the disruption of weather and climate norms... The theme of Environmental Security will inform AMS members and meeting attendees on the connections between our scientific field and larger societal impacts, and it will demonstrate how important our contributions are to the basic security needs of the United States and the world, particularly for vulnerable groups." 

Go to the 2022 AMS Meeting Abstract Lookup page to showcase EESM-related presentations. 

Funding Program Area(s)

Sunday, January 23

Hydrometeorology and Flooding
Sunday, January 23 Oral RS109. The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Floods: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach Abigail Pettett ; Colin M. Zarzycki ; Kevin A. Reed 6:00pm
Sunday, January 23 Oral RS116. Comparison of Representations of Rain on Snow Flooding in Different Historical Datasets Ben Ascher ; Colin M. Zarzycki ; Alan Rhoades 6:00pm

Monday, January 24

Extreme Precipitation. Part II
Monday, January 24 Oral 2B.1. Investigating Tropical and Post–Tropical Cyclone Extreme Precipitation Based on Storm Intensity and Phase Erica Bower ; Kevin A. Reed ; Paul Ullrich ; Colin M. Zarzycki ; Angeline Pendergrass 10:45am; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Advances in Data Assimilation Methodology for Nonlinear Multiscale Problems
Monday, January 24 Oral 2.3. An Efficient Bi-Gaussian Ensemble Kalman Filter for Assimilating Satellite All-Sky Infrared Brightness Temperatures Man-Yau (Joseph) Chan ; Xingchao Chen ; Jeffrey Anderson 11:15am; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Monday Poster Session
Monday, January 24 Poster 241. Mesoscale Convective Systems Dominate the Energetics of the South Asian Summer Monsoon Onset Xingchao Chen ; L.-Y. (Ruby) Leung ; Zhe Feng ; Fengfei Song ; Qiu Yang 5:00pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Hall B3

Tuesday, January 25

Improved Monitoring, Modeling, and Prediction of Water Availability across Scales. Part I
Tuesday, January 25 Oral J5A.2. Topology-Based River Network Representation for Hydrologic Modeling Chang Liao ; Tian Zhou ; Donghui Xu ; Darren Engwirda 8:45am - 9:00am; Remote
Tuesday Poster Session
Tuesday, January 25 Oral 385. Representation of the Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves in Modern Reanalysis Products Mu-Ting Chien ; Daehyun Kim 5:00pm

Wednesday, January 26

Causes and Consequences of Polar Amplification. Part I
Wednesday, January 26 Oral 9B.3. Causes of the Amplified Cold Season Arctic Surface Warming Hailong Wang ; Rudong Zhang ; Qiang Fu ; Philip J. Rasch ; Mingxuan Wu ; Wieslaw Maslowski 9:00am; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Aerosol–Climate Interactions from Regional to Global Scale. Part II
Wednesday, January 26 Oral J11B.1. Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Urban Environments (Invited Presentation) Jiwen Fan 1:30pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Midlatitude Convective Storms. Part II: "Good Organization versus Bad Organization" in Deep Convection
Wednesday, January 26 Oral 12.5. Quantifying the Enhancement of Tropical Precipitation due to Mesoscale Convective Organization Pedro Angulo-Umana ; Daehyun Kim 4:45pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote

Advances in Understanding Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems and Precipitation Processes Using Observations, Models, and Artificial Intelligence
Oral 13.3. A High-Resolution Tropical MCS Reanalysis (TMeCSR): Assimilating Satellite All-Sky Infrared Radiances, Atmospheric Motion Vectors, and In Situ Observations Xingchao Chen ; Man-Yau Chan ; L. Ruby Leung ; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote

Thursday, January 27

Clouds, Radiation, and Climate Sensitivity. Part I
Thursday, January 27 Oral 14A.1. Evaluating Climate Models' Cloud Feedbacks against Expert Judgement Mark Zelinka ; Stephen A. Klein ; Yi Qin ; Timothy A. Myers 10:45am; George R. Brown Convention Center - 332AD
Thursday, January 27 Oral 14A.3. Observed Links between Deep Convection Aggregation and Tropical Cloud Variations Ni Dai ; Hui Su ; Longtao Wu ; David Neelin ; Jonathan Jiang 11:15am - 11:30am; George R. Brown Convention Center - 332AD
Clouds, Radiation, and Climate Sensitivity. Part II
Thursday, January 27 Oral 15A.4. Linkage between Tropical Deep Convection and Low Cloud Feedback in GFDL Perturbed Physics Experiments Mengxi Wu ; Hui Su ; Ni Dai ; Leo Donner ; Charles Seman ; David Neelin 2:15pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Thursday, January 27 Oral 15A.5. Impact of Deep Convective Parameterization on Low Cloud Feedback and Climate Sensitivity Hui Su ; Kathleen Schiro ; Ni Dai ; Mengxi Wu ; Fiaz Ahmed ; David Neelin ; Leo Donner ; Charles Seman ; Longtao Wu ; Jonathan Jiang 2:30pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
Clouds, Radiation, and Climate Sensitivity. Part III
Thursday, January 27 Oral 16A.3. Model Spread in Tropical Low Cloud Feedback Tied to the Overturning Circulation Response to Warming Kathleen Schiro ; Hui Su ; Fiaz Ahmed ; Ni Dai ; Clare E. Singer ; Gregory S. Elsaesser ; Jonathan Jiang ; Pierre Gentine ; David Neelin 4:15pm; George R. Brown Convention Center - Remote
The Water Cycle in a Warmer World through Process Understanding and Climate and Hydrological Modeling. Part IV
Thursday, January 27 Oral 16D.3. Contrasting Responses of Hailstorms to Anthropogenic Climate Change in Different Synoptic Weather Systems Jiwen Fan ; Yuwei Zhang ; Jong-Hoon Jeong ; Jingyu Wang ; Xiaodong Chen ; Shixuan Zhang ; Yun Lin ; Zhe Feng 4:15pm; Remote