Biological and Environmental Research - Earth and Environmental System Sciences
Earth and Environmental System Modeling

Characterizing interactions between human and Earth systems (Invited)

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 08:40
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Changes in human activities have implications for the Earth system, including altering future temperature, precipitation, and CO2 concentrations. At the same time, these changes in the Earth system can affect human activities. While research on human systems and the Earth system has occurred separately historically, these communities and models are becoming intricately linked. In this talk, we provide an updated overview of the literature on integrated human-Earth system modeling, focusing on a number of papers published within the last few years. We provide a quantification of the direction and strength of feedbacks in those models. We also propose a means of identifying which feedbacks may be most important to explore in future modeling frameworks. Finally, we provide an assessment of gaps in the literature.

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