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Evaluating the surface mass balance from E3SM with LIVVkit 3.0

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 13:40
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E3SM, the Engery Exascale Earth System Model, is the Department of Energy's state-of-the-science Earth system model development and simulation project. It is intended to, in part, investigate how rapid changes in cryospheric systems evolve with the Earth system and contribute to sea level rise and increased coastal vulnerability. Making robust, real-world predictions of sea level rise and future ice sheet behavior requires an accurate representation of ice sheet climate forcing from the Earth system, which is primarily driven through the ice sheet surface mass balance (SMB) and surface energy balance (SEB). Here, we present an analysis of the SMB and SEB provided to either the MALI ice sheet model or the BISICLES ice sheet model by E3SM, and highlight some ongoing improvements to the representation of SMB and SEB in E3SM. These analyses have been built into LIVVkit, the open source land ice verification and validation toolkit, version 3.0 and can be quickly reproduced for new E3SM simulations. The analysis results are provided in a portable website so that they can be easily hosted and shared with the scientific community. We will also discuss the new observational datasets included in LIVVkit, new features in version 3.0, and how LIVVkit can help you produce the same analyses of your model, and more!

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