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Short-Lived Climate Forcers

Presentation Date
Monday, December 13, 2021 at 2:00pm
Convention Center - Great Hall, Prow Main Stage

Short-lived Climate Forcers (SLCFs) include aerosols, such as, sulphate, black carbon, and nitrate, and chemically reactive gases, including methane, some halogenated compounds and ozone and aerosol precursors. These compounds can have either a cooling or warming effect on climate, and they also affect precipitation and other climate variables. Their climate effects occur predominantly in the first two decades after their emission or formation. In addition to their effects on climate, some SLCFs are air pollutants with detrimental effects on human health and ecosystems. In addition, SLCFs and long-lived greenhouse gases are co-emitted from numerous anthropogenic sources, linking air pollution and climate change. Chapter 6 of the IPCC AR6 assesses spatial and temporal evolution of SLCF emissions and abundances, their effects on the Earth’s energy balance through radiative forcing and climate feedbacks, and the sectoral and regional contribution to climate and air-quality changes along with the effects of SLCF mitigations defined for various environmental purposes. We will present key messages on the role of SLCFs in the climate system and for climate change mitigation as assessed in the AR6 report.

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