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Project: A Framework for Improving Analysis and Modeling of Earth System and Intersectoral Dynamics at Regional Scales (HyperFACETS)
Title Date
Two Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns are Associated with Short-Duration Dry Spells in the Northeastern United States ESMD RGMA MSD -
The implications of climate change on Sierra Nevada snow hydrology and its impacts on California’s water-food-energy nexus. RGMA MSD -
Decision-Relevant Climate Storylines from Object-Oriented Analysis MSD -
Asymmetric hemispheric decline of American Cordillera snowpack with future warming RGMA MSD -
Comparison of Representations of Rain on Snow Flooding in Different Historical Datasets RGMA MSD
The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Floods: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach RGMA MSD
A retrospective and prospective examination of the 1960s U.S. Northeast Drought. ESMD RGMA MSD -
The Non-Linear Response of Rain-on-snow Floods to a Warming World: Perspectives from High-Resolution Storyline Simulations RGMA MSD
A Distinct Atmospheric Mode for California Precipitation RGMA MSD
Pooling Data Improves Multimodel IDF Estimates over Median-Based IDF Estimates: Analysis over the Susquehanna and Florida RGMA MSD
Storylines as a tool for advancing co-production of science and informing climate adaptation pathways: A perspective from the U.S. DOE HyperFACETS Project RGMA MSD
Large Scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Precipitation Events Over Northern California ESMD RGMA MSD
Understanding the Large-Scale Drivers of Precipitation in the Northeastern United States Via Linear Orthogonal Decomposition ESMD RGMA MSD -
Antecedent Hydrometeorological Conditions of Wildfire Occurrence in the Western U.S. RGMA MSD
Correcting the Double-ITCZ Bias Dials down Future Precipitation over Mediterranean Climate Regions in North Hemisphere RGMA MSD
Event attribution frameworks for quantifying climate change impacts on hurricane rainfall RGMA MSD
The Ongoing Need for High-Resolution Regional Climate Models: Process Understanding and Stakeholder Information RGMA MSD
Antecedent Hydrometeorological Controls on Wildfire Occurrence in the Western U.S. RGMA MSD
Which Physical Processes are the Main Causes of Extreme Precipitation over the CONUS? RGMA MSD
Extreme floods in Peru during early 2017 RGMA MSD
Flood and heatwave in Japan 2018 and future increase of consecutive compound risk in a warmer world RGMA MSD
Stronger influence of growth rate than severity of drought stress on mortality of large ponderosa pines during the 2012-2015 California drought event RGMA MSD
Effects of Observational Dataset Choice on Multivariate Bias Correction RGMA MSD
A Multimodel Technique for Estimating Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation RGMA MSD
An Exploration of Extreme Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States in Variable-Resolution CAM RGMA MSD
1993–2015 Climatology and changes of extreme precipitation events in Taiwan based on weather types RGMA MSD
Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Patterns Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern United States RGMA MSD
A Framework to Delineate Precipitation-Runoff Regimes: Precipitation vs. Snowpack in the Western U.S. RGMA MSD
Predicting daily streamflow with a dilated convolutional neural network. RGMA MSD
Water, Energy, Health, and Heat: Multi-Sector Urban Tradeoffs in a Warming World MSD

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