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Project: Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM)
Title Date
Arctic Coastal Mesh Re nement in a Global Earth System Model ESMD Poster -
Energy Exascale Earth System Model Application Readiness on the Fugaku Supercomputer ESMD
An Assessment of Nonhydrostatic and Hydrostatic Dynamical Cores at Seasonal Time Scales in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SMv1) ESMD
Overview of land-atmosphere biogeochemistry developments in the E3SMv1.1-BGC model ESMD -
Diurnal rainfall response to the physiological and radiative effects of CO2 in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model v1 biogeochemistry experiments ESMD
Temporal and spatial variation in modeled carbon-climate feedbacks: implications for future global land carbon source-sink dynamics ESMD
Modeling steric sea-level change on the Antarctic continental shelf caused by changes in ice-sheet freshwater flux ESMD
GDESS: A Framework for Evaluating Simulated Atmospheric CO2 in Earth System Models ESMD
Impacts of the spatial heterogeneity of atmospheric CO2 concentration on carbon-climate feedbacks ESMD
Evaluation and Parametric Sensitivity of the Nutrient Enabled Ecosystem Model FATES-ELM at a Tropical Testbed ESMD
Improving Lake Representations in Earth System Modeling ESMD
Evaluating the water cycle over CONUS using multiple metrics for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model version 1 (E3SMv1) Across Resolutions ESMD
Philosophy and Progress of the Simple Cloud-Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model ESMD
Representing global soil erosion and sediment flux in Earth System Models ESMD
Assessing the impact of replacing corn with second generation perennial bioenergy crops in the US-Midwest. ESMD
Validation and sensitivity analysis of lake methane dynamics in Energy Exascale Earth System Model ESMD
Implementation and Evaluation of the triple-moment P3 microphysical scheme in E3SM ESMD
Combining new advances in modeling dynamic vegetation and nutrient competition to improve boreal forest predictions to changing climate ESMD
A unified model coupling of the land, river, and ocean models in E3SM to simulate coastal processes ESMD
Influence of High-latitude Dust on Aerosol Radiative Effects and Deposition in the DOE Earth System Model ESMD -
Attribution of snowpack errors to simulated temperature and precipitation in four CMIP6 models over the contiguous United States ESMD
Representing Riverine Dissolved Organic Carbon in an Earth System Model ESMD
Towards robust modeling and upscaling of wetland CH4 emission using FLUXNET-CH4 dataset, remote sensing and machine learning ESMD
A Flexible and Modern Design for the Next Generation E3SM Atmosphere Model ESMD -
Hit twice by the curse of dimensionality: spatio-temporal land model calibration using Karhunen-Loève and sparse polynomial chaos expansions ESMD
High-order, property-preserving semi-Lagrangian tracer transport and physics-dynamics-grid remap in the E3SMv2 Atmosphere Model ESMD
Joint CO2 Mole Fraction and Flux Analysis Confirms Missing Processes in CASA Terrestrial Carbon Uptake over North America ESMD
A unified functional relationship between catchment water balance and vegetation productivity ESMD
Modeling Ice-shelf Basal Melt Rates in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) v2, a Variable Resolution, Global, Coupled Climate Model ESMD
Additional NetCDF Compression Options with the Community Codec Repository (CCR) ESMD

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