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Project: Biogeochemistry–Climate Feedbacks Scientific Focus Area: Quantifying Feedbacks and Uncertainties of Biogeochemical Processes in Earth System Models
Title Date
Effects of ENSO-induced extremes on terrestrial ecosystems ESMD RGMA
The representation of non-equilibrium soil types in earth system models and its impact on carbon cycle projections MSD
Representing Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Interaction in the ACME Land Model v1: Model development and global benchmarking MSD
Climatological temperature senstivity of soil carbon turnover: Observations, simple scaling models, and ESMs MSD
Local Plant Physiological Responses to Increasing CO2 Contribute to a Zonally Asymmetric Pattern of Precipitation Change over RGMA
The Challenge of Establishing Decomposition Functional Types to Estimate Heterotrophic Respiration at Large Scales RGMA
Towards Improved Predictions of Global Radiocarbon (14C) Through Comparison Between Site Observations and Climate Model Outputs MSD
Estimating Potential Damping of Cryoturbation on Permafrost Carbon Emissions using A Perturbed Parameters Approach in A Land RGMA
A Polar Approach for Defining a Spatially-Explicit Phenological Year and Quantifying the Degree and Date of Seasonality RGMA
Comparisons with observational and experimental manipulation data imply needed conceptual changes to ESM land models MSD
Human-Induced Greening of the Northern Extratropical Land Surface RGMA
Uncertainty Quantification of Extratropical Forest Biomass in CMIP5 Models over the Northern Hemisphere RGMA -
Non-Robust Numerical Implementations Impact Global Carbon and Water Cycle Simulations: A demonstration with two ESM land models ESMD RGMA
The Future of the North American Carbon Cycle Projections and Associated Climate Change ESMD RGMA
Permafrost in Earth System Models: Recent Progress and Future Challenges MSD
Changes in belowground C that accompany ecosystem shifts: an approach to constraining depth, timing, and magnitudes of soil MSD
Integrating Statistical and Expert Knowledge to Develop Phenoregions for the Continental United States (Invited) RGMA
Understanding the Representativeness of FLUXNET for Upscaling Carbon Flux from Eddy Covariance Measurements RGMA
Continental Asymmetry in Climate-Induced Tropical Drought: Driving Mechanisms and Ecosystem Response RGMA -
Identifying the Main Drivers of Soil Carbon Response to Climate Change in Arctic and Boreal Alaska RGMA
Capturing Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Organic Carbon under Changing Climate RGMA
Recent Advances in Modeling Depth Distribution of Soil Carbon Storage RGMA -
Vertical Soil Carbon Distributions in the Contiguous United States: Effects of Land Cover and History of Cultivation RGMA -
Impacts of Marine Ecodynamics on the Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) Production RGMA
Mapping Vegetation Canopy Structure and Distribution for Great Smoky Mountains National Park Using LiDAR RGMA -
Sensitivity of Land Surface Modeling to Parameters: An uncertainty quantification method applied to the Community Land Model -
Comparing Global Soil Models to Soil Carbon Profile Databases RGMA -
Scalable Algorithms for Unsupervised Classification and Anomaly Detection in Large Geospatiotemporal Data Sets RGMA -
A Simplified, Data-Constrained Approach to Estimate the Permafrost Carbon-Climate Feedback: The PCN Incubation-Panarctic Thermal (PInc-PanTher) Scaling Approach RGMA -
Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Climate and Air Quality in the CESM RGMA -

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