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Project: High-Latitude Application and Testing of Global and Regional Climate Models (HiLAT)
Title Date
Dissolved Organic Carbon in Arctic Rivers: Reduced Model with Functional Groups RGMA
The Role of Oceanic and Atmospheric Feedbacks in the Response of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation to a CO2 Increase RGMA Presentation
Quantifying global and high-latitude local radiative feedbacks based on climate model simulations with fixed external forcing RGMA
Impact of Uncertainty in Injection Height of Emissions from Industrial and Shipping Sectors on Global Sulfur Dioxide and Aerosol Distributions (Invited) RGMA
Global and Regional Climate Responses to Black Carbon Emissions from the Arctic and Mid-latitudes RGMA
Challenges and Recent Progress in Understanding High Latitude Climate Change RGMA
Quantifying the Arctic Local Radiative Feedbacks Based on Observed Short-term Climate Variations RGMA
Examining the role of atmosphere-ocean interactions and ocean circulation changes in the Arctic sea ice response to CO2 forcing RGMA
The relative roles of transient and standing eddy heat transports: From an idealized channel model to the Southern Ocean of a high resolution global model RGMA
Quantifying the ice-albedo feedback through decoupling RGMA
Countervailing patterns in CESM-simulated regional Antarctic snowfall variability: spatial distribution and associated atmospheric circulation modes RGMA
Reduced complexity modeling of Arctic delta dynamics RGMA
Morphologic variability of Arctic deltas: Implications for fluxes to the coast RGMA
Asynchronous warming and δ18O evolution of deep Atlantic water masses during the last deglaciation RGMA Oral
Black Carbon and Sulfate Aerosols in the Arctic: Long-term Trends, Radiative Impacts, and Source Attributions ESMD RGMA
Atmospheric Response to an Open-Ocean Polynya in a High-Resolution Climate Model RGMA Poster
The Atmospheric Response to the Weddell Polynya in the High-Resolution ASD Simulation RGMA Oral
Overview of the HiLAT Project RGMA Oral

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