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In-situ Evaluation of Weather Phenomena in an ML Forecast Model RGMA -
Evaluation of modeled subglacial discharge from the Antarctic Ice Sheet to the Southern Ocean ESMD -
Extreme Precipitation Scaling with Temperature at the Weather Time Scale and Implications for Climate Projection RGMA -
Scaling of extreme precipitation with temperature: Is the scaling different between MCS and non-MCS storms? RGMA -
Improving Performance, Scalability, and Transparency of Urban Morphology Modeling ESMD -
Interoperability Lessons Migrating netCDF API Workflows from POSIX to Zarr Storage Formats ESMD -
Why terrestrial ecosystems matter for climate ESMD -
The Influence of the Resolution of Embedded Urban Morphological Parameters in Numerical Weather Models on Evaluation of Human Vulnerability to Heat Waves MSD -
Impacts of land data assimilation on climate variability in fully coupled E3SM simulations RGMA -
Water and Global Change: An Integrated Modeling Perspective MSD -
Characterizing the Multisector Impacts of Future Hydrologic Variability MSD -
Learning data fusion and atmospheric forcing corrections using a physics-informed, differentiable hydrologic model RGMA -
Evaluating the climate impacts on interannual crop yield variations through a machine learning-based transfer algorithm MSD -
Dynamically downscaled future climate projections over the Great Lakes Region to examine population-level extreme heat exposure RGMA -
Internal Variability Increased Arctic Amplification during 1980-2022 ESMD -
Bringing NASA Datasets Into obs4MIPs Compliance for Climate Model Evaluation RGMA -
Leveraging obs4MIPs for Earth System Model performance benchmarking RGMA -
Collective Earth System Model Evaluation Tool: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3 RGMA -
Modeled internal variability and model evaluation RGMA -
Methodological Developments in the International Land Model Benchmarking Effort RGMA -
Assessing changes in the global carbon cycle extremes under stratospheric aerosol intervention RGMA -
Impact of resolved cloud-borne-aerosol transport in a global climate model E3SM ESMD -
Machine Learning based regional downscaling methods: surface PM2.5 and fire risk as examples RGMA -
Weather Systems Connecting Modes of Climate Variability to Regional Hydroclimate Extremes ESMD RGMA MSD -
Assessment of WRF (v 4.2.1) dynamically downscaled precipitation on subdaily and daily timescales over CONUS RGMA MSD -
Attribution of Extreme Heat Heterogeneity in Urban Areas: An Analysis of Neighborhood-scale Urban Heat Island Effect in Los Angeles MSD -
Small-Ensemble Parametric Uncertainty Quantification of Great Lakes Regional Climate Model: Full Spatiotemporal Analysis RGMA -
Emulators of Climate Model Output, Integrated Modeling and Scenarios Accounting for Climate Impacts MSD -
Leaf Epicuticular Waxes and the Functional Ecology of Prairie Grasses RGMA -
Wax on, Wax off: The Contribution of Epicuticular Plant Waxes to Leaf Reflectance Spectra of Tallgrass Prairie Grasses RGMA -

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