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Title Date
Overview of land-atmosphere biogeochemistry developments in the E3SMv1.1-BGC model ESMD -
CICE Consortium: Advancing Sea Ice Modeling ESMD RGMA
Seasonal locking of the MJO’s southward detouring of Indonesia caused by the Australian monsoon RGMA
A proposed model intercomparison study to evaluate the role of SST variability on MJO eastward propagation in climate models RGMA
Large-scale convective systems identified by hybrid cloud-precipitation regimes and their modulations by MJO and QBO RGMA
Influence of Natural Variability on Simulated Changes in Arctic Permafrost RGMA
Looking under the hood: benchmarking soil organic matter pool distributions at the global-scale RGMA
Dynamic and thermodynamic contributions to changes in precipitation extremes in quasi-global simulations at high resolution RGMA
A retrospective and prospective examination of the 1960s U.S. Northeast Drought. ESMD RGMA MSD -
Metrics, Measurements, and Methods for Advancing Ecosystem Model Evaluation RGMA
Human and natural influences on the changes in extreme precipitation events RGMA
Evaluation of Dynamical Downscaling in a Fully Coupled Regional Earth System Model RGMA
Climate Change Attribution of Extreme Rainfall Throughout Hurricane Season RGMA
Constraining Future Projections of Atmospheric Rivers using Moist Static Energy Transport RGMA
On the Diffusivity of Moist Static Energy and its Implication on the Change of Temperature Extremes under Global Warming RGMA
Biomass Burning Aerosols in Most Climate Models Are Too Absorbing ESMD
Investigating the emergence of salinity and temperature changes in the ocean interior in response to human-induced warming and water-cycle amplification RGMA
The Non-Linear Response of Rain-on-snow Floods to a Warming World: Perspectives from High-Resolution Storyline Simulations RGMA MSD
Linking Climate Change and Human Systems: A Case Study of Arctic Pipelines MSD
Ten Recommendations to Overcome Barriers to Adopting Open Science Principles MSD
On the robustness of the evaluation of ENSO in climate models: How many ensemble members are needed? RGMA
Energetics of the Convectively Coupled Equatorial Kelvin waves RGMA
A Distinct Atmospheric Mode for California Precipitation RGMA MSD
Physical drivers of increased interannual variability of precipitation in the Multi Model Large Ensemble Archive RGMA
Risk of intense precipitation accompanying extreme wet-bulb temperatures RGMA
Urbanization-Induced Land Use Change Enhances Tornado Potential -
Climatological occurrences of hail and tornado associated with mesoscale convective systems in the United States
Detailing cloud feedbacks with a regime-based decomposition RGMA
Evaluation and Parametric Sensitivity of the Nutrient Enabled Ecosystem Model FATES-ELM at a Tropical Testbed ESMD
The Influence of Ocean Coupling on Simulated and Projected Tropical Cyclone Precipitation in the HighResMIP–PRIMAVERA Simulations RGMA

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