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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Stabilized bases for high-order, interpolation semi-Lagrangian, element-based tracer transport ESMD Journal Article Bradley, Andrew M. Sandia National Laboratories
Systematic and objective evaluation of Earth system models: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3 RGMA Journal Article Lee, Jiwoo Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Urban Effect on Precipitation and Deep Convective Systems Over Dallas‐Fort Worth RGMA MSD Journal Article Zhou, Xin Cornell University
A Framework for Multisector Scenarios of Outcomes for Well‐Being and Resilience MSD Journal Article O’Neill, Brian C. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
What drives uncertainty surrounding riverine flood risks? MSD Journal Article Hosseini-Shakib, Iman The Pennsylvania State University
An overview of cloud–radiation denial experiments for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model version 1 RGMA Journal Article Harrop, Bryce E. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Global peak water limit of future groundwater withdrawals MSD Journal Article Niazi, Hassan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Integrating Tide‐Driven Wetland Soil Redox and Biogeochemical Interactions Into a Land Surface Model ESMD Journal Article Sulman, Benjamin N. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
How Might the May 2015 Flood in the U.S. Southern Great Plains Induced by Clustered MCSs Unfold in the Future? RGMA MSD Journal Article Feng , Zhe Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Modes of Variability in E3SM and CESM Large Ensembles RGMA Journal Article Fasullo, John T. National Center for Atmospheric Research
Can we rely on drought‐ending “miracles” in the Colorado River Basin? RGMA Journal Article Pokharel, Binod Utah State University
The Influence of Climate Variability and Future Climate Change on Atlantic Hurricane Season Length RGMA Journal Article Patricola, Christina M. Iowa State University
Atmospheric Rivers in the Eastern and Midwestern United States Associated With Baroclinic Waves RGMA Journal Article O’Brien, Travis A. Indiana University
Machine Learning Analysis of Impact of Western US Fires on Central US Hailstorms RGMA MSD Journal Article Fan, Jiwen Argonne National Laboratory
Sensitivities of the West Greenland Current to Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater in a Mesoscale Ocean/Sea ice Model RGMA Journal Article Morrison, Theresa J. Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Back-to-back high category atmospheric river landfalls occur more often on the west coast of the United States RGMA Journal Article Zhou, Yang Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Effect of Physically Based Ice Radiative Processes on Greenland Ice Sheet Albedo and Surface Mass Balance in E3SM ESMD Journal Article Whicker‐Clarke, C. A. University of Michigan
Wind shadows impact planning of large offshore wind farms RGMA MSD Journal Article Pryor, Sara C. Cornell University
A Verification Suite of Test Cases for the Barotropic Solver of Ocean Models ESMD Journal Article Bishnu, Siddhartha Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantifying the long-term changes of terrestrial water storage and their driving factors ESMD RGMA Journal Article Shi, Xiaoying Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Assessing compounding climate-related stresses and development pathways on the power sector in the central U.S. MSD Journal Article Gurgel, Angelo Costa Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Climate change will reduce North American inland wetland areas and disrupt their seasonal regimes ESMD Journal Article Xu, Donghui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
On the uncertainty of long-period return values of extreme daily precipitation RGMA Journal Article Wehner, Michael F. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Plant responses to elevated CO2 under competing hypotheses of nitrogen and phosphorus limitations ESMD RGMA Journal Article Zhu, Qing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The role of interdecadal climate oscillations in driving Arctic atmospheric river trends RGMA Journal Article Ma, Weiming Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Quantifying the compound hazard of freezing rain and wind gusts across CONUS RGMA MSD Journal Article Coburn, Jacob Jimmie Cornell University
A chemical kinetics theory for interpreting the non-monotonic temperature dependence of enzymatic reactions RGMA Journal Article Tang, Jinyun Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Air-sea coupling influence on projected changes in major Atlantic hurricane events RGMA Journal Article Danso, Derrick K. Iowa State University
Improving the estimation of atmospheric water vapor pressure using interpretable long short-term memory networks RGMA Journal Article Gao, B. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Amplified Extreme Floods and Shifting Flood Mechanisms in the Delaware River Basin in Future Climates MSD Journal Article Sun, Ning Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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