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Project: A Multi-Model, Multi-Scale Research Program in Stressors, Responses, and Coupled Systems Dynamics at the Energy-Water-Land Nexus (Program on Coupled Human and Earth Systems - "PCHES")
Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Harmonized Database of Western U.S. Water Rights (HarDWR) v.1 MSD Journal Article Lisk, Matthew D. Pennsylvania State University
Global projections of heat exposure of older adults MSD Journal Article Falchetta, Giacomo Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
What drives uncertainty surrounding riverine flood risks? MSD Journal Article Hosseini-Shakib, Iman The Pennsylvania State University
Linkages between riverine flooding risk and economic damage over the continental United States MSD Journal Article Alfredo, Cisneros-Pineda Purdue University
The distributional impact of FEMA’s community rating system MSD Journal Article Brent, Daniel A. Pennsylvania State University
Bayesian Spatial Models for Projecting Corn Yields MSD Journal Article Roth, Samantha Pennsylvania State University
The Effect of Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather on Household Location Choice and Economic Welfare MSD Journal Article Wrenn, Douglas Harvey Pennsylvania State University
Potential Benefits in Remapping the Special Flood Hazard Area: Evidence from the U.S. Housing Market MSD Journal Article Pollack, Adam B Boston University
Global drivers of local water stresses and global responses to local water policies in the United States MSD Journal Article Haqiqi, Iman Purdue University
Air-conditioning adoption and electricity demand highlight climate change mitigation–adaptation tradeoffs MSD Journal Article Colelli, Francesco Pietro Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Neglecting Model Parametric Uncertainty Can Drastically Underestimate Flood Risks MSD Journal Article Sharma, Sanjib Pennsylvania State University
Flood hazard model calibration using multiresolution model output MSD Journal Article Roth, Samantha M. Pennsylvania State University
Water balance model (WBM) v.1.0.0: a scalable gridded global hydrologic model with water-tracking functionality MSD Journal Article Grogan, Danielle S. University of New Hampshire
Inequality in the availability of residential air conditioning across 115 US metropolitan areas MSD Journal Article Romitti, Yasmin Boston University
Aggregation bias and its drivers in large‐scale flood loss estimation: A Massachusetts case study MSD Journal Article Pollack, Adam B. Boston University
C3F: Collaborative Container-Based Model Coupling Framework MSD Journal Article Woo, Jungha Purdue University
Heterogeneous climate change impacts on electricity demand in world cities circa mid-century MSD Journal Article Romitti, Yasmin Boston University
Global gridded crop harvested area, production, yield, and monthly physical area data circa 2015 MSD Journal Article Grogan, Danielle S University of New Hampshire
Integrated hydrological, power system and economic modelling of climate impacts on electricity demand and cost MSD Journal Article Webster, Mort Pennsylvania State University
Considering uncertainties expands the lower tail of maize yield projections MSD Journal Article Ye, Haochen Pennsylvania State University
PCHES: Program on Coupled Human and Earth Systems MSD Fact Sheet
Statistically bias-corrected and downscaled climate models underestimate the adverse effects of extreme heat on U.S. maize yields MSD Journal Article Lafferty, David C. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Global vulnerability of crop yields to climate change MSD Journal Article Sue Wing, Ian Boston University
Small increases in agent-based model complexity can result in large increases in required calibration data MSD Journal Article Srikrishnan, Vivek Pennsylvania State University
Market expectations of a warming climate MSD Journal Article Schlenker, Wolfram Columbia University
Coordination and control – limits in standard representations of multi-reservoir operations in hydrological modeling MSD Journal Article Rouge, Charles University of Sheffield - UK
The FLOod Probability Interpolation Tool (FLOPIT): A Simple Tool to Improve Spatial Flood Probability Quantification and Communication MSD Journal Article Zarekarizi, Mahkameh Pennsylvania State University
Quantifying the impacts of compound extremes on agriculture MSD Journal Article Haqiqi, Iman Purdue University
Interplay of changing irrigation technologies and water reuse: example from the upper Snake River basin, Idaho, USA MSD Journal Article Zuidema, Shan University of New Hampshire
SIMPLE-G: A multiscale framework for integration of economic and biophysical determinants of sustainability MSD Journal Article Baldos, U.L.C. Purdue University

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