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Project: InteRFACE: Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments
Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Typological representation of the offshore oceanographic environment along the Alaskan North Slope RGMA Journal Article Eymold, William K. Sandia National Laboratories
A neural network-based method for satellite-based mapping of sediment-laden sea ice in the Arctic RGMA Journal Article Waga, Hisatomo University of Alaska Fairbanks
Hydrologic Extremes in Arctic Rivers and Regions: Historical Variability and Future Perspectives RGMA Book Chapter Shrestha, Rajesh R. Environment and Climate Change Canada
The Average Shape of Sea Ice Ridge Keels ESMD Journal Article Metzger, Andrew T. United States Naval Academy
Climate Signatures on Lake And Wetland Size Distributions in Arctic Deltas RGMA Journal Article Vulis, Lawrence University of California - Irvine
Agreement of Analytical and Simulation‐Based Estimates of the Required Land Depth in Climate Models RGMA Journal Article Steinert, N. J. University of Madrid - Spain
InteRFACE: Understanding Earth System Change Across Arctic Coastal Environments ESMD RGMA MSD Fact Sheet
Water balance response of permafrost-affected watersheds to changes in air temperatures RGMA Journal Article Debolskiy, Matvey V University of Alaska Fairbanks
Effect of Corporate Sustainability Policies and Investment Risks for Future Arctic Oil and Gas Development in Alaska MSD Journal Article Lee, Olivia University of Alaska Fairbanks
Arctic Sea Ice Growth in Response to Synoptic- and Large-Scale Atmospheric Forcing from CMIP5 Models RGMA Journal Article Cai, Lei Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Sea-Ice Loss Amplifies Summertime Decadal CO2 Increase in the Western Arctic Ocean RGMA Journal Article Ouyang, Zhangxian University of Delaware

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